My Watermelon Juice Secret!

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Ever wonder how I get my Watermelon Juice to be so deliciously pink?! Here is my secret to making it taste super sweet!

FullyRawKristina of Rawfully Organic ( and of FullyRaw ( teaches you her secret on how to make the sweetest Watermelon Juice EVER!

Enjoy this special recipe in the hot summer sun as you are playing by the pool, visiting with friends, or even tempting a family member to eat more raw foods! This delightful treat will keep you satisfied and hydrated all summer long!

For more of Kristina’s Low Fat Raw Vegan Recipes, please see her non-profit Rawfully Organic Recipe Archive: Please cheer her on…her new book will be released this Summer! HORRAY!

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Hugs! 🙂

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Harold McDonald says:

I wouldn’t strain out the meat, and rind along with some of the vitamins. It’s still more than smooth enough. Healthier with the rind, the White part includes without straining it, and still delicious with this same recipe.

TI M says:

Sounds like a great combo, mint and watermelon BUT do not buy a watermelons without seeds! Naturally watermelons have seeds! This is a GMO watermelon. Genetically manipulated! BTW the seeds have lots of health benefits and also the skin can be used too in the juicer. Tastes just like the watermelon and has more benefits than the red part of the fruit. Research it yourself! 😊

B R says:

Love my wawa juice 🙂

Angela Gilstrap says:

Great video, ha,ha,ha! Lol, the burp, is reality t.v.
Love me some watermelon juice.
I subscribed for your fun personality and your awesome bracelets.

Alyena's Kitchen says:

This juice looks so incredible! I love that you put mint and herbs into the jar before the juice! Watermelon is my favorite fruit and I love this juice recipe! Thank you!🍉🍉🍉

A Dan says:

I would blend the seeds with the watermelon and keep the pulp for added nutritional value.

Narvia Williams says:


Aab V says:

I heard watermelon has a Viagra effect on men, but what about women?

Sherman Sweeney says:

It's time to go pee

Porkchop Gravy says:

Hello Christina nice video you're very pretty 😜

maureen abbott says:

my 21 year old is making this for us today and he isn't raw but he really thought it looked delish

nandy178 says:

I have made this two days ago. It was delicious and I don't like watermelon very much 🙂

Brandie /A beacon of light says:

Wow!I tried this after I seen your video and this was the BEST!!!!!!!!I love watermelon so I always looking for new ways to eat and drink it.

Fartun Suleiman says:

Thanks for the ingredients . I will try the mint leaf. I love watermelon especially in the summer

lovesgibson says:

She’s 25 here, but looks 19, and now she’s 32 but looks 45

shempone says:

Using a juicer a juicer allows you to use the entire watermelon where most of the nutrients are located..

Better than blending


Sheila More says:

Love all your recipes you give great ideas you go girl you are an inspiration to all of us those that appreciate you it’s all healthy and that’s what it’s all about healthy and delicious I love it thanks my friend😊💕

Sheila More says:

I see people say add vodka I guess I’ll have to try that sometime I’m sure it will be good are used 99 watermelon it was awesome with watermelon and Ment makes a great mix drink😋

Sheila More says:

Yes I got to do that again it is wonderful watermelon juice specially when you’re mowing grass when it’s hot I absolutely love it❤️💕

Sheila More says:

Oh yes watermelon and Ment Awesome that is delicious I did jucie my watermelon all the time And I did add mint one time and it really is awesome

Rodya Pink says:

2019 here we go

Natalia Malik says:

Lol I’ve been making my watermelon drink like for a while 😆 love adding berries in there a long with lime as well!

Lynn Pesta says:

Do you use seedless watermelon?

Helena Rylander says:

what's the secret?

Family Avila says:

You look incredible young in this video 😍 I LOVE Watermelon ❤️👌

Gary Yarbrough says:

Oh I bet that taste good….. thank you for another great video👍👍

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