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Must-try vegan lunch ideas » for work or school 🍱

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00:00 Intro
00:28 Creamy pasta salad:
02:14 Rice sandwiches (onigirazu):
05:37 Caesar salad wrap:
07:32 Outro

🌱 Homemade tahini:

🌞 Easy breakfast oatmeal recipes:
β˜•οΈ Cozy lattes in 2 minutes:
πŸ™Œ 5 simple meals we eat all the time:
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❀ Sadia


Pick Up Limes says:

Happy new year friends! ✨ We are full steam ahead with creating loads of new content for the new year πŸŽ₯ If you have any requests or suggestions for videos you would like to see, share your ideas with us below! πŸ‘‡

Bashair AlHidri says:

I made the dill pasta, was so so great and refreshing!

Kelsey Wilcox says:

These all look so good- definitely bookmarking all three! Love the quick recipes!

Andromeda says:

Wtf, what is your superpower? No matter how much anxiety I have or how in a bad mood I am, every time I play one of your videos and you start talking so calmly and with that smile, everything becomes brighter. It's amazing!

barbara owens says:

SO easy and nutritious! Thank you . I love it because you offered recipes that are realistic to complete and not time consuming.

Learn German with Marzipanfrau says:

I love yogurt sauce. It looks delicious. <3

Elizabeth Palacios says:


Zoe Thomson says:

What if we suck at wrapping presents? Can we get a nori gift bag instead?

tiffany bittman says:

Sounds and looks great. I'll need to look it all up. Hard to follow.

Leah P says:

That ceasar salad wrap speaks to my soul 😍Can't wait to try it. Thank you again Sadia and PUL team for yet another video filled with divine-looking recipes!

Badam Pradeepa says:

Hope u will do a minimalism vedio,,,…it's been a long time u posted minimalism vedio

Bjarny van der Linden says:

Awesome recipes once again! I would love to see more meal-prep video's. How to cook once for differen meals (dinner and lunch). Especially interested in nourishing lunch salads! Keep up the great work (:

Cooking With The Cajun says:

Not sure which I like the best. Thanks for sharing. Happy New Year.

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