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Lit 🔥 BRUNCH IDEAS at Home! (vegan comfort food)

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Who says plant based has to be boring?! Today I’m sharing how to make super bomb vegan brunch dishes at home easy! Three main dishes, a side dish and a refreshing brunch cocktail!



Ms B says:

Can you use extra Virginia olive oil to fry the mushrooms?

karen stone says:

You gave some nice ideas however I notice that you use sugar in some of your recipes. Sugar is very bad. Vegan should be healthy, right?

Glinda Conard says:

I am so glad I find this channel 💯🙏🏽❤️❤️❤️

Roxchell Santee says:

Your recipes are off the chain I never knew it was some many different vegan meals Thank you so much 💜

K.B. says:

I've been addicted to your Tofu Scramble for the past week! Absolutely love all your recipes 😍🙌

Nae Stewart says:

Half dairy free milk and half veggie broth makes the perfect batter😊

TyraNoBanks says:

Literally drooling 🤤

Kisha Bethany says:

That chikn n waffles is in my list

MsTy2U says:

Watching and quickly whipped up the chicken and waffles recipe. Delish and filling!👌🏽 Made mini waffles and next time I’ll cut the mushrooms in smaller pieces so I won’t have to cut while I eat. 😋

Russell Johnson says:

Thanks sis, you are helping me to finally stay vegan!

DebraFlower Floral Design says:

Great ideas!

Heybrownskinnn says:

what kind of hair was this? and what kind of camera do you have?

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