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About Kids Try:
Your favorite kiddos survey the world one surprising plate at a time in our first season of Kids Try.

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Vegan fans- where you at???

Kids Try Vegan Food | Kids Try | HiHo Kids

HiHo Kids


Kayray531 says:

can we talk about whatever vegan cheese that was bc……imma need to that information

Carlotta De Carlo says:

why would you say it's not ice cream? You can still call it ice cream and maybe add "vegan" but not "fake". That already adds a negative connotation. I'm not vegan but I don't understand why people still mock or ridicule it. It's great that the vegan cuisine appeals to young kids bc that's where you can start changing habits with food. When they get used to "replacing" meat with vegan alternatives from time to time, we could really start making a difference. First in our heads, then in environmental pollution.

Sugar butter Covered pieces says:


Sugar butter Covered pieces says:

If you told kids it was vegan though they’d do this whole act mmhm

Sugar butter Covered pieces says:

Don’t even try with kids they are stubborn af and will treat you like crap if ur a kid vegan and on the rare chance they’re like that’s cool you’re like "whatever you probably don’t wanna kno— what? It’s cool? Umm…. thanks?”

Carlos Jr Ros says:

Veagans are crying

Karen Merediz says:

Everything was going pretty good until… 1:33
Gurl why scream like that? Srsly, there's no need🙃

Izelle Sheree Oliquiano says:

HAHAHAHAHQHAHW that girl in pink got me deaddd she literally checked what meat there is in the chickn nugget lmao 💀

Izelle Sheree Oliquiano says:

HAHAHAHAHQHAHW that girl in pink got me deaddd she literally checked what meat there is in the chickn nugget lmao 💀

Joana Durão says:

"do you want to be a vegan now?!"
"no, I wanna be an American" 😂😂😂😂

Aditya Joshi says:

The thing is it's unpractical for everyone to accept vegan diet bc u would need a lot more farmland to grow food, which is there is limited of and would have to come at the expense of Forrest land… Until humans have an even more sustainable and low land using way to grow food, veganism is going to be unrealistic… Coming from a vegetarian by the way

Xxprima_noctaxX says:

They say I feel bad for vegans as they proceed to clear there plate

Thelma Adams says:

omg i am vegan too i eat that stuff it is sooo good

Purple Shirt says:

Guy: so do you wanna be vegan now?

Kid: No… I wanna be American 😂❤️

That killed me I’m sorry lol

Joseph Amigo says:

the one girl speak like princess vanellope

Jael Stewart says:

“ no I wanna me American” 😂

Oskar Hargreaves says:

4:44 "No, I want to be American''


- Dige says:

I dont want to be a Vegan. I want to be American!

duxe swattik says:

Thanks you for representing vegan nicely. Even if people go vegan 3 days a week, it would make a lot of difference for the poor animals.

Ashton_Arina.Gymnast and gamer says:

"Are there vegans?
"Vegans aren't allowed in Texas"

Element says:

"No I want to be american" that killed me

Dionysus Jimin says:

I really like the kid in white lol he is so cute and fun

Radhika Chatterjee says:

Kids are way less complicated than Adults.

matatabi yuki says:

why can't vegans drink or eat milk and milk products

Janneke van Daal says:

This video is literly so important and meanfull!

Revend Maii says:

4:31 – me when my friends say they don’t wanna be friends no more…

Meriolle Rellama says:

4:03 😂😂😂

Elizabeth Mcfly says:

Kids meet James Aspey

Rosa Mond says:

austin is so adorable ❤️

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