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In The Kitchen With Dee: Breakfast Sandwich (Vegan)

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Huge shout out to The Gentle Chef’s book Seitan and Beyond! I modified the spice a little, but the overall recipe is his. 🙂

**Disclaimer: I’m trying to control my potty mouth these days but you know how that goes…**

Hi, I’m Dee. All my life I identified as a meatavor, until a meal plan I was on reduced it to where I could feel the difference it was making in my body. I decided to explore vegetarian. Then ovo-pescatarian, then finally I went completely vegan. Why? In my internet travels to find information I discovered the atrocities in the meat and dairy industries. I cannot and will not support them any longer.

I live an intentionally positive life and am married to an amazing man and have two grown sons. I traded those two in for three dachshunds. What the heck was I thinking?? I’m back to needing babysitters and never peeing alone!!

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