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How to Make Vegetarian Recipes with Beans and Things | G2T209

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On this episode of Garden to Table, host P. Allen Smith will be sharing great beans recipes and tips! Everything from vegetable oil and animal feed… to handmade soap and even furniture. Allen will also be making a black soybean hummus recipe that makes a healthy AND delicious snack. Then Lori Moore will stop by and prepare some of her fantastic chickpea salad sandwiches!

Topics Include
Harvesting soy beans
Black Soy Bean Hummus recipe
Dry Beans cooking tips
Vegan Chickpea Salad recipe
Lentil Soup recipe
Asparagus bean planting tips
Table setting using beans and veggies

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Lentil Soup

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P. Allen Smith is a landscape and garden designer, horticulturist, preservationist and television host. His passions span the subjects of community, health, sustainability and history. He has designed the grounds at many of the nation’s most notable estate properties, townhomes, and commercial complexes. And, for over 19 years, he has shared his green knowledge and insight with the public via ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, his own PBS television, and six book titles. Currently, Allen is focused on residential, commercial and community designs that are beautiful, improve our contentedness, and our social and physical health.

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Judith Johnson says:

I'll be trying the lentil soup. I can almost taste it already. Perfect for a chilly New England day. Being vegan I love beans. Planing on trying each & every one of these recipes. Thanks so much. 😳👍

Patricia Bowman says:

Enjoyed this

bootstrap garden says:

21:47 What a beautiful counter top! I love it! Is it marble or wood? The color is gorgeous!

Lynn Pringle says:

Love your tablescape. So beautiful.

Marie Townsend says:

This vegan thanks you for the mouth watering recipes. Very inexpensive and soup recipe will freeze well. Writing for all that follow you please keep these videos coming all winter.

Email Ellis says:

It is not healthy cross contamination

Linda Barnes says:

Soybean humus looks yummy! What about just a squeeze of lemon to brighten and heigthen the flavor? Maybe a hint of jalopeno too?

Kelli Webb says:

The problem with soy beans is they are one of the largest gmo crops in the United States! :0(

Nicholas Singh says:

Thanks for sharing your lentil soup recipe.However in Trinidad our soup recipe is different because we use eddoes,yam,sweetpotatoes,cassava,green bananas(fig),chicken, vegetables, hot pepper,seasoning especially pimento and cilantro or shado beni for a truly delicious soup.😃🍲

jleetxgirl says:

Are grape hyacinth beans good to eat? I have heard "yes", but never tried them.

Gina Friend says:

Hummus and Lentils, both great and good for you. I'm going to make lentil soup the way you made it. Mine is basic but delicious as well. Thank you for sharing! Cool beans 👀!

Mae Grosskopf says:

Just awesome! Thank you so much 😊

Carole M says:

Thank you Allen this is another great recipe to serve for a holiday party 😋🌲

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