HOW TO MAKE VEGAN CURRY | 4 Simple Recipes

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Madeleine Olivia says:

Back with another vegan made easy video all about my fave: CURRIES! What's your favourite curry recipe? Let me know below!
AND Don't forget to make use of the 10% off discount code for my 100+ recipe ebook using the code 'CURRY' at checkout:

101chocolate says:

I tried the one pot noodle curry (with carrot instead of mushroom). It was delicious and flavourful and my family liked it! Thank you so much🙂

Rita Shenouda says:

You look so beautiful in this nature-look makeup! Thank you for the amazing recopies again ^ ^ Happy quarantine!

OhWhat World says:

Do yellow split peas taste the same as red lentils?

Peevesiak says:

I've just finished my first ever lentil cauliflower curry and it was absolutely delicious! Very easy recipe very much worth trying 🙂 I will proudly take it with me to work tomorrow. I'm looking forward to trying more recipies of yours <3

Losiash says:

For 1st recipe, should I soak chickpea in a water for several hours before using it or you use chickpea as it is? I find hard to believe that it will be cooked for 10 minutes.

Kristin Warriner says:

Where can I find the first song? I love it!!

Melanie Gerber says:

for the first curry I happened to have all the ingredients at home, so i cooked it right away

Sa'diya S says:

What does putting it in the oven? Can I just put it in a pressure cooker?

Mila Corvino says:

Hey so I have a sesame oil allergy does anyone know what would be a good substitute for sesame oil?

Eva Trepiakaite says:

Made the pumpkin and chickpea curry. It was so delicious! My family loved it, and it made med so happy!🎃♥️

DINOLOVER6717 says:

Do you blanche the lentils first or do you just put them in raw? I can’t really tell by the angle ☹️

Royce Cornwell says:

You have excellent cinematography

shatakshi purohit says:

It feel great when people try indian recipies, daal and rice which we usually eat, naan bread which is called naan in india is best combo with all these curries (sabzi). Beautiful video.❤️ Love from india

Lorea Gandiaga says:

Your recipes are great but your videos sound so peaceful with the music and sounds I damn near fall asleep everytime.

totolulu says:

I prefer how to basic

Nguyễn Hồng Kim Châu says:

You are so gorgeous! Thanks for recipes btw!

Perry_Pau_ says:

Hey is your eBook also as a real book available? Love your videos btw ❤️

Ayfer Huseyin says:

I watch a lot of your cooking videos and love them. I use this recipe regularly during winter and love it

Lauren Norman says:

I tried to make the lentil and cauliflower curry this evening but it was inedible sadly – for some reason the split peas stayed crunchy in the liquid, rather than a more dahl like texture, even after cooking them for 55 minutes (so longer than the recipe said to). The yellow split peas I got were the tesco ones, and the packet said they only need to simmer for 35 minutes, so I can't work out why they didn't cook 🙁 Can anybody help?

Kinga J. says:

Amazing video !! Really want to try the first curry but I have a question – does it have to be cooked in the oven ?? Will it make a difference if I cook in on the stove ??

Irena Maria says:

I made the cauliflower one yesterday, it was delicious! I only had red lentils, but they worked fine. I also added some chopped almonds and cashews, and I'd definitely recommend that, that little bit of crunch really makes it extra good.

Humaira Ahmad says:

Hi Madeline, I tried the vegan curry today and it was delicious! Thank you for sharing!

Boe christensen says:

LIFE HACK: Peel the pumpkin with your vegetable peeler instead of using a knife to cut the skin off.. Much faster and easier 😉 ..and safer!

Dani Q says:

Your nose is really pretty

ToniLouisee24 says:

Ive been watching all of your vegan meal videos. You always make big portions, are all of your meals okay to keep left overs for the next day for meal prepping? X

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