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How To Make Paella

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How to make Seafood Paella
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Albaida says:

querida el azafrán que le da el color amarillo no se lo has puesto, ni el tomate rallado; te falta el sofrito español de la paella lleva; tomate rallado, pimentón y ajo

king Reyes says:

You are so sexy, I like you alot, I would like to be your friend….. 😆

Roger Fex says:

Had paella in Spain loved it. This sounds easy and straightforward Great presentation l Ilove the sincerity.Someone who loves what they are doing and taking the time to share it muchos gracias

kazzicup says:

I  like  the  way  you  cook  miss.  But  I  will  put  garlic  in   my  paella.  Garlic  is  a  must  for  my  family.

pakijew4 says:

very feminine way to show how to cook , i liked it , almost had orgasm  


JOSE''S PAELLAS Miami FL. you did an awesome job, forget all those haters…lol. Check me out on FB josespaellas. or in face book. you are welcome to ask me me for any advice…. You are a beautiful person. God bless… 🙂

trampantojo 48 says:

estamos vendiendo mierda en el extranjero

trampantojo 48 says:

You haven't got an idea of making paella. This is a piece of shit dude!!! ( i am from spain and i have got a restaurant ). Your video makes me laugh a lot !!!!!!

Anthony Romero says:

Where can I find this recipe for this video??

Lady Hawk says:

Nice nice, it answered my question how to make a paella, thank you

Lady Hawk says:

Hahahaha-you crack me up

Jose Rofes says:

Lo que más me gusto..Es como clavaste el "MEJILLÓN"Comadre!! Conozco a "Fray Capullo Calavera, que te la podría, Bendecir!! La Paella.Ya viene El General: Santana A redimir a los Pecadores!!JA JA JAPEPE.

P Segreto says:

We Really enjoy your video's the first thing we made was your parmagano cheese I make it up as I go. I can't wait to try some of it whats a year or to when you are enjoying life learning all the thing there are to try on YouTube. Our children don't understand that we never had this growing up as they d, now we have to play catch up as the years are starting to fly bye as never before. thanks again and keep making your wonderful VIDEO'S. What a pleasure.


nitelite78 says:

Yes I thought the same….must be $200 worth there. Maybe its not genuine stuff.

Pablo Ortez says:

these instructed are crystal clear you dumbshit

Absolut Soda says:

Risotto is wet. I also thought that Paella is more dry with a crusty bottom.

Wonder Seeker says:

Wow that is alot of saffran, must be an expensive jar. 🙂

Make Life Special says:

I love your channel! Thanks for sharing this Paella recipe. Can't wait to make it. I just subscribed to your channel. Hope you can check out my cooking channel and return the subscription. Thanks! Vickie with Make Life Special. 🙂

paco says:

You´re wellcome. And it´s true, that´s the way to make a paella, because you know the most important things: the recipient, the kind of rice and how to master the fire in order to get the rice dry. Nice to watch your video ah, and I wish you a happy new year.

Keila Brazis says:

Thank you, your comment means a lot to me 🙂

paco says:

Hi there, I´m spanish and I´m so glad to watch the video. I want to encourage you to keep on making it. Of course there are things that could me made in a diferent way, but at least you make the effort of looking for the correct rice and recipient. Thank you for choosing a spanish dish for your video, and don´t pay attention to that stupid criticism. I´m a cook and I would like to talk to you about international dishes if you like. This paella looks good, thanks.

paco says:

No me seas purista hombre, que ni en Valencia se hace igual en cualquier parte, es muy aburrido el temita ese, jaja. Mírala qué mona está ella, por lo menos usa bomba y no hace guarrerías como he probado yo en Valencia, por ejemplo.

Lula cuarenta says:

joder, vale que no es paella auténtica, pero no seas así de borde, ya que una guiri se interesa en un plato tan tipicamente nuestro en lugar de los típicos italianos de pasta y pizza…no seas tan descortés.

perico delos palotes says:

if they want to eat paella visit a Spanish video or a website with the translator, now if you want to eat rice with things "will be edible" but never a paella.

cowpunk63 says:

this is not spanish "paella"

Beyoncefan230 says:

Thank you <3

imancebom says:

I'm sure that's seafood rice, not PAELLA. I'm from Valencia, paella doesn't take onions.

Kona says:

Your instructions are really easy to follow!! I can wait to get home and buy the ingredients and make some :3

dan eyre says:

Very beautiful!!! (The Paella looked good too.)

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