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How to make healthy Broccolli Soup Indian version

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For the recipe please visit this link: http://bit.ly/2BMjfaT
A healthy broccoli soup with mild spices and very easy to make for anytime eating. Try this recipe today. This is best for winters and cold rainy days. You could call this your comfort food.
Full recipe: http://www.indiancurryrecipez.co.uk/#!broccoli-soup/czi4

Cream of broccoli soup is a soup prepared with broccoli, stock and milk or cream as primary ingredients. Ingredient variations exist, as do vegan versions. It is also a commercially, mass-produced soup, often sold in cans. Several recipes use canned cream of broccoli soup as an ingredient, such as its use with cooked chicken dishes and as a sauce.
Vegan preparations of cream of broccoli soup may simply use vegan ingredients or substitute vegan ingredients for animal-based ones. Substitute ingredients in vegan versions may include vegetable broth or bouillon and plant-based dairy substitutes such as plant milk or soy milk instead of cream or milk.
Some soups use a cream of broccoli base and utilize other ingredients, such as potato, leeks, chicken, cheese and other foods.

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