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Healthy paella

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Paella :
There is no specific rule for identifying its ingredients…
one of the most nutritious, unbalanced dishes .
Rice is made from vegetable proteins and fats free starches compared to the three meats normally used in paella…
The percentages of animals proteins used on mixed meat on paella is high
That why we must increase our vegetables in order to have a balanced paella dish if we use the three meat ( meat, chicken and seafood)
However, to keep paella dish deficient in vitamins and minerals, it is recommended to use brown rice because it contains dietary fibrer.

The ingredients used on this paella:
Two cups of paella rice
A finely chopped onion
Crushed garlic
Mixed pepper cut in small cubes
One cup of peas ( add carrot or other vegetables if have it…) the more vegetable, the more balanced it becomes…
Grated tomatoes
One table spoon tomatoes paste
One table spoon pepper paste
Chilli optional
One tea spoon ginger
One tea spoon cinnamon
One tea spoon black pepper
One tea spoon turmeric
One tea spoon pink salt
One table spoon Shia seeds
One table spoon hemp seeds
Rosemary, sage, dill, thyme and fresh mint
Calamari cut into rings
Cleaned and peeled shrimp
Escalope or other seafood available…
Half a table spoon saffron
Fresh coriander and parsley
Vegetable Stoke
Olive oil and ghee butter
Reserved or fresh lemon because it contains vitamins C to increase the absorption of iron from the body in order to prevent anemia