Healthy No-Bake BROWNIES (Vegan, Gluten Free) – Hot Chocolate Hits

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Satisfy that sugar craving with this recipe for guilt free no-bake brownies. FULL PRINTABLE RECIPE:

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xGabii says:

Can I replace the dates with sth? It is the only thing I don't have in my house lol

Constantina says:

Just made them. Very tasty.

Melissa Souza says:

I would love to do this, but the ingredients are so expensive were I live, sad.

stephenie st says:

Tried this now, burned my mixer 😂. Otherwise the cookie it’s very very nice and soft. I love it. I would definitely recommend this for something quick and dairy free. ❤️

dead trbl says:

sorry oot but you look a lot like Nessie Judge

Ideffix_Cat22 says:

Wow 💝💖🥰😋😇

brittieeeeeeeeeeee says:

Won't the taste of the dates be overwelming?

Arianna Bern says:

These can‘t be healthy

bloem bloem says:

I see you didn't had any biology or chemistry classes. Sugar is also very present in dades and sirup. Glucose and fructose and sacharose are all sugars. Too much sugar is NOT healthy, so don't say and claim that it is. So dumn and u professional. Also the amount of fat in almonds is a lot. And coconut fat isn't that healthy because is a hard fat and not liquid. Don't claim that it's healthy.

lana is bae says:

threse are gross

sleepy kitty says:

They turned out so oily and not sweet enuogh. I used dried dates, raisins, raw almonds and hazelnuts. I dont know if i am a terrible cook but… im just sorry. My mom liked it though

Vegan Things says:

"They keep well for a long time."

Yeah, not worried about them keeping well. They're not going to see daylight again.

BeccaAnn DIY says:

This was pretty simple and it looks super delicious!

A person with a comment says:

Can I marry you.

Deevina Visrolia says:

Amazing thank you!

Melo active says:

I sniffed ketamine and here I am

Gurjit Dhah says:

This reminds me of a cliff bar

Oksana Bezrukova says:

I made little candies with this recipe🍬they're delicious! Thank you so much

Elizabeth Rose says:

Thanks so much for sharing this recipe.

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