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In the first ever episode of A Little Bit Healthier, mindbodygreen Food Director Liz Moody tackles your number one holiday makeover request — healthy gingerbread cookies. These are grain free, gluten free, refined sugar free, packed with protein, and shockingly easy to make.

Get the full recipe:

A Little Bit Healthier is a show where we take your favorite foods and make them, well, a little bit healthier. Tell us what you want made A Little Bit Healthier next on Instagram:


peacerose96 says:

i know you mentioned it's not gingerbread without molasses but what about date molasses or a dark maple syrup? i just don't want to buy a whole bottle of molasses for one batch of cookies! lmk please!

Eva Chan says:

can i replace mollasses with something else?

Flor der Campo says:

Lovely! I’m definitely making these cookies. You are very sweet! Thanks for sharing skills and info.

S1QuanA says:

Gurl she's such a vibe lmao this feels like an episode of the office

Marlene A Hibbard says:

I used to love to eat cookie dough but I can’t digest it anymore. That’s why I eat gluten free …digestive problems.

Marlene A Hibbard says:

I also loved all the nutritional information. You go , Girl. I’m going to make this today.

I sara says:

Great healthy recipe 💕
But can i use dates molasses ?

Trudy Stone says:

Love this recipe and the use of healthier ingredients! It IS still possible to eat healthy without sacrificing flavour. I use blackstrap molasses in my Gingerbread Smoothie recipe! SO good!

Anastasia Sheremet says:

Definitely going to make them. And I loved all the bits of nutritional info about ingredients. This is really nice series, looking forward for more episodes.

Jeffrey Phillips says:

Rainy day here in Jersey so I'm gonna try to make these with flax eggs since Im vegan. Will swap out the oil for apple sauce, too. We'll see.

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