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Green Smoothie Power Breakfast On-The-Go

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I’ve shared my “Day In The Life of Dana Lee’s Diet” over the winter. I have also shared when I began my Bulletproof coffee ritual. Now, that it’s summertime, I want something easy & refreshing for breakfast when I head out in the morning. I’ve taken a break from Bulletproof Coffee & instead incorporate my MCT (or in this video High Brain Octane) in a green smoothie every morning. In this video I share a basic recipe that you can build upon and experimenting with by swapping out some ingredients for ones you love. I don’t enjoy super sweet, so the only sweetness I get from this smoothie is from strawberries. So, if you crave a bit more sweetness, you can try a protein powder sweetened with Stevia. Or, go for some sweeter fruit, like mangos or pineapple.

1-1/2 cups of Unsweetened (Vanilla Flavored) Almond Milk
1 Tbsp Chia Seeds
1 Tbsp MCT oil (I use Upgraded Brain Octane)
4-5 frozen Organic Strawberries (Or any frozen fruit)
2 Handfuls of Organic Mixed Greens (baby kale, spinach, etc)
1 Serving of Protein Powder (hemp, whey, collagen, vegan, etc)
5 or 6 Ice Cubes (optional)

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