Gordon Ramsay Goes Vegan…for lunch !

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Donovan Fourie says:

Omg😱 vegans are so healthy! Damn!

Piney Ken says:

Ron Swanson told me to tell you he disapproves

Karō Cänn says:

That's your lunch? That can never suffice me

Impromptu poems by Sadre Alam says:

You say it like you are going to quit smoking

ଘLumi *:。 says:

Gordan Ramsay: "I'm turning vegan"
The vegan teacher: 😃
Gordan Ramsay: "For lunch"

Jovielle Wilson says:


The kitsune says:

That vegan teacher: GORDON RAMSAY IS NOW VEGAN!!!!

Frank says:

Had me with the spices, Lost me with the paper bacon

Joe Mignogna says:

If being vegan is sp great, why do y'all gotta keep trying to make your food like meat

Jacob Dineley says:

I understand some people don't like meat but just eat fucking bacon once in a while. Sometimes it does more good for you than bad

Rockstar Wolfie says:

Someone get the Vegan Teacher she’s gonna love this

KoshCatto42 says:

Bread has egg in it

BB Beauty says:

That vegan bacon looks legit though. He is indeed an excellent chef

P P says:

But but…
BLT is a tomato sandwich anyway

muiteko says:

You got me there😂😂

Bao Lily says:

“I’m turning vegan….for lunch” sounds like what I’m going to tell my vegan friend-

•Zienāñøtfoūnd• says:

Me:is Gordon Ramsay vegan now?
Gordon Ramsay:yesnt

•Zienāñøtfoūnd• says:

Perfect for that vegan teacher

Transforming Garbage says:

This bgm is fire

maggoteater says:

Now do a grilled cheese

Sebastien Leblanc says:

Gordon: " im turning vegan "

That vegan teacher: THATS GREAT!! 😁 Lets congratulate him every-

Gordon: for lunch

camille sokohl says:

this looks so good as a vegan lunch because I'm vegan and it is not that hard to be vegan.

Overheat says:


Riftzy gaming says:

u happy now

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