Good Things to Eat – Ginger Cookies

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Hello, Friends! Enjoy this cooking segment with recipes from Good Things to Eat (Rufus Estes), the first cookbook by an African-American chef. And you know, first doesn’t always mean best.

The lovely @SabrinaSith made the recipe vegan, and that wasn’t the biggest problem. Thanks to @Tony Baker @Tahir Moore his lovely wife Farren and Brennon Edwards for the honesty. We appreciate honesty.

Music Ratatouille’s Kitchen by Carmen Maria and Edu Espinal

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Drienny D says:

I enjoy your vibe girl🌹❤

Evolvingmama says:

15:14 🤣

Aquintis Burnett says:

I’m with Maye those had to be for dogs with no sugar

msmilesftw says:

I love this!! Had to adjust my notifications to make sure I don’t miss any episodes 😊

Ray parket says:

Thank you maye for the laughs this made my day you 2 are amazing

Eric Williams says:

Yall didn't give The Kid a cookie…she's a kid she wants a cookie !

Eric Williams says:

Is that your Boo in the green shirt Maye? Tell him to meet me in the playground at 3 o'clock. I'm gonna fight for you love lol

Eric Williams says:

Why cooking with paper bowls? Is that for the environment? No glass bakeware?

Aaron says:

It would be interesting to see a modified version of this recipe. This idea shouldn't be abandoned.

Sailorman_2710 says:

Like Archer “What’s a Gil?”

DocM says:

Great video!! Maybe if Tahir ate his baking soda cookie he would have had less errors smh lolll, hope to see more of these!! You and Sabrina are the best duo!😅❤️

La Kesha The Man says:

I'm thinking maybe they dipped them in sum maple syrup. 🤔
Love the video y'all 💜!

Ricky J. Marc says:

Here for #ChefMaya content.

EveryScentCounts says:

Hello Maye. My name is Anthony with EveryScentCounts. We are a new, small family owned business and we are trying to grow. With that said I have a free gift that I would like to send you from our store. Would you be open to that?

T Preston says:

My two Youtube crushes on the same show… the great Tony Baker would say…."Im all in."

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