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Gingerbread & Choc Candycane Cookie Recipes (Vegan Friendly) – 11/12 DIYs of Christmas

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Hey guys and welcome to Day 11 of the 12 DIYs of Christmas mini series! Today I will be showing you how to make two delicious and easy cooie recipes for the holidays – gingerbread, and candycane chocolate cookies!

12 DIYS OF CHRISTMAS Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLcwMh3mgE0RGXmY0cdvLDiifwt9vT5N8u

Polaroid camera giveaway – comment on the first video in the series. Winners will be drawn on day 12.

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✦How old are you? -Im 20!
✦Where are you from/what accent is that? -Australia 🙂
✦Who are your favourite DIY youtubers? -I love watching Laurdiy, Hayley Williams, The Sorry Girls, Annika Victoria, and Katherine Elizabeth! There are so many lmao
✦Who are your favourite vegan youtubers? -Bonnyrebecca, Annie Tarasova, Avalon Hope, Earthlingmaxi, (Essena Oneill RIP), and Unnatural Vegan.. again, there are so many haha
✦Can we suggest diy projects? -Yes! Comment what you want me to make next! 🙂

Disclaimer: not sponsored yo 🙂