Food Choices

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This new ground-breaking documentary explores the impact that food choices have on people’s health, the health of our planet and on the lives of other living species. And also discusses several misconceptions about food and diet.


Asif A. Ali says:

10:10 The key point. She explains how in Asian countries they slice up some meat and cook it for 8-10 people. But here, in North America, there's this big piece of steak on your plate…
When I arrived here in North America, I was shocked too seeing people eating all that meat in just one meal. Back home, my mom would cook meat once a week only, and that too only 2 kg for four people. 😒

Farmer Scott says:

Losing weight is a matter of caloric deficiency. Point blank.

MrFuchew says:

basically eat a shit load of raw veggies, nuts and fruits anything else will fucking kill u

Gary Wilburn says:

i'll choose to wear a mask in public when others choose All Lives Matter

Emerson Leavitt says:

Vegan lifestyle is the best. I know, it's really hard because meat tastes so damn good. I went on a vegan challenge for 30 days. I made it 90 days before I had pizza. Couldn't help myself. BUT during those 90 days, I lost 20 lbs, and never felt better. My system got cleaned out, I wasn't tired all the time anymore, was getting more sleep at night, and had fewer digestive issues. If anyone is wondering if it's worth it, my answer is fully a YES. But it's not an easy lifestyle.

Baby Thottakara says:

Why this very informative video is not available to watch in other countries, India, UAE , etc

Baby Thottakara says:

Millennials are having depression globally may be because of eating meat
/milk/egg and highly processed sugar rich diet.
Meat of animals who are crying for life as they turn to meat , infests the animals cry for life in to meat.

Anita Craighead says:

sounded pretty good and yes I want to eat more veggies, but it became veryclear this wansn't just about eating healthy, but it was a PETA type film, propaganda to program us to eat only the way they say is ok! NO ONE has the right to tell others how to eat or live! We are to learn and decide for ourselves what is best for us! Go ahead and follow this "flockumentary" if you want. Don't bother me with ridicule if you don't agree. I won't listen. I research things and don't need insults from crybabies that fall for every scheme and "diet plan" out there!

Melissa Noelle says:

For those who need to hear it, you don’t have high cholesterol because you eat cholesterol. High cholesterol is a red flag that something is wrong with your body and your high cholesterol is trying to fix it. Eat the eggs but more importantly don’t spike your blood sugar because insulin is highly inflammatory and so is cortisol so do some yoga or something.

Lionheart Roar says:

China eats bats..that's why we're in trouble

Teresa Smith says:

I was doing keto, just got into ketosis… THEN I saw this video. I couldn't watch the end. I couldn't see that. We are all God's creations.(roaches and spiders too 🙄). I don't know what to call myself but I know I won't be eating any meat no time soon. God bless the person who made this.

Linda Hughes says:

I cured my hyperthyroidism back in 2014, was on the drug abbriv PPU and also on a drug for my heart palpitations caused by my thyroid issue. My ENT wanted to kill off my thyroid to make me hypo and told her no! I slowly weaned my pills back on my own after I discussed with my prim doc as I was suffering horrible muscle spasms several times a day due to the high levels of meds I was on…which my prim doc agreed the prescrip given was too high and could have killed me! I've always eaten healthy didn't eat fast food but decided over a 1 year time period, ate lots of leafy green veggies(help support the thyroid), cut out the red meat, walked more often and in a years time went back to my primary doctor and my levels were perfect, he took me off all medications. My thyroid is still working to this day as it should. Now days I eat even more of plant based lifestyle, minimally processed food, no meat, no oils, no eggs, make homemade naan bread using peas/beans or masa(corn) cake in place of traditional breads and cut all dairy for the most part and only eat a small portion of grated cheese here and there on my salad. Feel so much energy, lost weight, no belly fat and feeling even more energy then I did in my 30's 🙂

Theaksten says:

30:50 A vegetarian who eats chicken does not exist by definition. Someone who claims to be a vegetarian while eating chicken is lying about being a vegetarian or eating chicken.

Ronald McFondle says:

Seriously, you people need to stop buying all those processed foods. But in a world where consuming liquor, smoking cigarettes and meth, eating saturated fat and eating refined carbohydrates is considered normal, society is not going to change, BECAUSE THEY DON'T C ARE.

Kent says:

I see it is not available now. I watched it last night and it's basically worthless unless you like junk food.

Henry Arneson says:

The only misconception here is the shoddy cherry picked research and the clearly delusional “experts.” Sad to see YouTube promoting such a paper thin dogmatic movie.

eddie davidson says:

Propaganda film….

guy g says:

Very educational and interesting documentary with interviews from a wide range of guests. I even saw Joe Cross there.

Ping says:

Theres no flavour in meat its a waste . vegetarian food has a lot of flavour.

Jeremy Breinig says:

Captain Paul Watson suggests that if the ocean dies we die, my schooling taught me the oxygen created by plants kept me alive, who knew it was that whale in South America

Good Times says:

refined sugars and grains are the problem. not meat. plant and meat based with intermittent fasting is best. This doc is bias and is not presenting the entire context of our unhealthy society. it is leaving out all of the statistics and research that do not support their position. the ONE nutrient we all need to live is FAT.

KissYour925Goodbye says:

Veganism = NWO slave diet.

David Estes says:

ELIMINATE THE FDA IF THEY CANNOT ELIMINATE THE THINGS THAT SLOWLY KILL US. If a restaurant serves garbage that is proven to cause health issues ,they should be given an opportunity to change. If they choose not to, They must go. The American public seems to be happy with the way things are. That's fine. But don't expect me to pay taxes to pay for agencies and departments that DO NOTHING. Tobacco is still legal. By charging more money for their products only increases their profit. Legalizing weed has generated real numbers in tax revenue in the positive. Cut's down on peoples' lives being ruined by going to prison for a couple of joints. Our health and welfare are regulated by people who are handed policy by politics fueled by lobbyists. FAT & STUPID is no way to live.

Angel'slove C. says:

In my pov the input of high fructose corn syrup is what is bringing death a little more closer than ever In the western hemisphere.

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