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In today’s video I’m sharing 3 super easy vegan dinner (or lunch, or hey even breakfast if you want…go for it!) ideas that you can whip up in a snap! Each dish takes less than 15 minutes start to finish, so they are perfect for busy weeknights, but they are all ridiculously tasty and very filling! Hope you enjoy and if you have any other vegan food video requests please leave them below 💗



Natalie Rosebbyy says:

Ugh life saver 😩

Noel Beltran says:

This slaps when Im hiiiiiigh af and the munchies kick in. TY🤤

Zyriana AreNee says:

Looks soooooooo good

Zyriana AreNee says:

I heard corn has no nutrients? Is it sure ? It's a crab I know…

Lacey Danielle says:

What is your filming set up? Ring light? Camera? Your videos are always so bright and clean looking.

Carla Hicks says:

"Vegetable Alfredo! A must try!" 😋 Thank you! 😊

Olivia Jonale says:

Tried the vegan stew 😍😍😍 it was delicious thank you (:

Cesare says:

I see only women in the comment section 😂 maybe this was a fasion/beauty channel first ? Anyways, nice dishes, thanks for the ideas.

Scrap Junkie says:

thanks for sharing!!! im eager to try the walnut & bean mixture…ive been searching for a homemade mixture. yours is the best ive seen- simple & easy. Thats gonna also make a nice bean burger -if i just happen to make too much lol. thanks again!

Malika AbdulJabbar says:

High sodium content….but looks good

Shali03 says:

which food processor are you using ?

HasiRobi says:

Making the chili TO-NIGHT. Thanks, sis! 🥘

cotton smith says:

Currently transitioning 🥰 Readyyyy for these

Michelae H says:

I finally tried the vegan chili, gurl! It was really good. Thank you for sharing. Your recipe/meal videos are helping me transition to a plant based diet

Teresa Abbott says:

Yes please i'll take a bowl of everything!!!!!!!

Ké Wheaton says:

definitely gonna try the mushroom fettuccini alfredo, looks amazing! thanks for the ideas 🙂

Cody Patino says:

I loooove your channel. Thank you so much!

Cody Patino says:

So I just did a loaded chili nacho and it was really good! Only thing I would probably add to it is cheese and probably not add the sugar. Yumm.

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