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Mmmm… nachos… Dillon and I BOTH have an affinity for Latin flavors and nachos are no exception. When we do nachos at our house, we go all out. Just in time for Cinco de Mayo, we did a full nacho spread in our video today that I think will leave most of you drooling! Our toppings included: refried beans, a delicious faux taco “meat,” pico, red salsa, green salsa, Well Your World Cheese Sauce, guacamole, and chopped veggies. Did we go all out or what!? Check out the video and blog to see how we did.

Click HERE for the recipe!!!!


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Donna Baker says:

looks amazing! thanks for sharing

Edra Bogucki says:

Always offer to personally eat all the imperfect pieces!

Rhonda W. says:

I rehydrate my curls with a diluted version of the sauce I plan to use, or with soy/seasonings. That infuses a LOT of flavor in them.

steve kostecki says:

i spray my tortillas with apple cider vinegar then sprinkle them With nutritional yeast- at one fat gram per tortilla baked they’re delicious

Jeri Stowell says:

Super yummy looking!!!

Christina Saveth says:

Just bought your cheese sauce mix! Excited to try something that won’t take as long to make!

Linda Post says:

These chips are great sprinkled with a bit of your fav vinegar.

nanishep says:

Batch is are my weakness. You have changed my world. I’m having them tonight and saving lot of money. Tortilla chips are expensive when you have a family of 4! Thank you. And my daughter can have toastsas.

Shilpa Gupta says:

Very well presented

Xiomara Rodriguez says:

Your recipes are always amazing!!

Obliterator R says:

If I made this, it would be the least easy meal I've made this century…

Luz Planas says:

That looks so good it made me hungry lol

Maria Barba says:

I love when you speak in Spanish! Gracias, Amigo!

karen girvan says:

I live in the Phoenix area too. Where do you buy your dried chili’s and soy curls?

Susan Waterworth says:

That looks so amazing. I LOVE your Mexican-inspired recipes and I love everything spicy too. Thank you for the recipes and video!

Sufiness says:

Background music makes us unwatchable

Truth Be Revieled 222 says:

Wow!! Incredible recipe.. I’m going to make this for my non-vegan family and friends..:))

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