Easy 3-Ingredient Vegan Snacks for After School/Work

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Here are 6 different 3-ingredient snacks that are vegan, easy, and tasty! They’re perfect for after school, work, or whenever hunger strikes. Full recipes here: https://frommybowl.com/after-school-snacks-vegan/

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Cecelia Fritze says:

I have been making gauc like that forever!

Tertia Smit says:

I love this.

dgnty says:

The date-snickers recipe blew me away. I will try them and I will eat 10kgs of them and I will not regret it.

Chia Maria says:

I’m so happy I found your channel 🤤🤤🤤

Minas Stars says:

amazing ideas!! Super creative and healthy

Eliot Lycosa says:

The Date snickers taste really good. I used fresh ground cashew butter which was alot thicker than what you used and they turned out perfect

Eliot Lycosa says:

Going to Try the Snickers, and the Popcorn balls but instead of using peanuts im going to use walnuts

My Idea says:

Video starts at 1:39. Ur welcome:3

Lauren R says:

Finally, vegan snack ideas that are actually practical and easy. Thanks!

oriyan 2002 says:

It's my first time seeing you and I have a crush on you…

January says:

Do what you want it’s your life 😂

Blake Crum says:

BALLER!! 💪🏼😎 (🥜🍫 & Date Recipe!!)

Quinci Hartwick says:

I told my dad I’m going vegan and he said why do animals lives matter more than plants the both eat drink and have babies. How do I respond

Madison Page says:

I watched the whole video then just decided to heat up pita and hummus.

Liyah Mariee says:

So happy about the vegan pita pizza recipe, I’m so intimidated to make my first pizza and for it to be vegan since I’m transitioning..the pita pizza is much more doable

Kate Layn says:

It’s your life

Dakota Query says:

I like regular hummus

singer2be says:

Can you maybe do a sample meal plan for people with nut and soy allergies. My cousin is allergic to both, but she's also lactose intolerant so switching to veganism could be good for her.

Gay Frogs says:

I’m not vegan or vegetarian I have no idea why I’m watching this. I’m literally eating salami as I watch this

Lala Ella says:

I'm not vegan, but i'm vegetarian and these are sooo good!

Rayamao A. says:

This looks tasty! I have a youtube video about making vegan cookies. You can check it out if you want 😉

Selma Dolan says:

what sort of chips/nachos was that? they look SO yummi

I'm Sad TM says:

I'm not even vegan (YET 😏) and you're making me hungry as hell. 😂

Hailey Shager says:

I like to keep it simple with ants on a log. My childhood.

luna l says:

I love the way you say "quacamole"

Christie Lynne says:

What type of chips did u use for the salsa?? Looks so good!!

Lia G says:

What type of chips are those with the guacamole?

country autumns says:

First time seeing your channel. Kudos! It was refreshing to see ideas on youtube (for a change) that aren't all over the internet already. Am going to be using some of your ideas. Great vid!

Don’t-hate- Appreciate says:

I’m becoming vegan because I don’t want to die from climate change, your videos show me the weey

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