Domino's vs Papa John's: Vegan Pizza Showdown – This With Them

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This With Them says:

We are back!!! Happy New Year to you all ♥️ We missed you 😀

Sonny Burlingham says:

The first thing I thought of when you mentioned the different packaging, and then I saw the blue box, was ya Domino's in America would not have that blue, that is like Walmart blue.

Syed Atif Ali says:

Hey guys I am back; its me the guys that loved to starve himself while fasting. Sorry I haven't viewed one of your videos for a while. Happy New Years!

Eleanor Cragg says:

You must watch The Queen's Gambit. I thought I wouldn't like it because I'm not that big on chess but honestly it's obsessive !!!!

Madeleine Twocock says:

have you watched the netflix show "Ratched"???? its PHENOMENAL.
also im soooo glad you loved United States of Tara its one of my favourites!!

rachel hurst says:

This is older, but I've seen every episode of every season and both movies. Psych has a cult following and is awesome.

The Vitality ViXXen says:

Alex looking like a Snackkkk…also, I’m going to DM you about a box idea that’s a little out there and mostly unknown brands/products to you. Stay tuned, this one will be a dope idea!

Chris Gee says:

Papa johns is defo better quality pizza

BethC817 says:

I'm getting hooked on Korean dramas. I liked Was it Love? (Did We Love?). Also Stranger (Secret Forest) is the best crime drama I've seen in years! Lot of characters to learn and the subtitles are fast, but it's so good. For English speaking shows Cobra Kai and The Undoing. We always get Dominoes if we're not getting a fancier pizza. Their crust has really improved and they have a terrific garlic parmesan sauce which is not heavy like most white sauces (I can't eat tomatoes and don't like Alfredo sauce on pizza).

Lisa Leezybeeze says:

You're back yeyyy 🤗 I might look after a few of your series recommendations 😇 have a nice day 🐿️

Linda Lenceski says:

From the Midwest…Domino's for me (our boxes are white). Papa John's is just not good. Also good to see Alex without a hat.

Marina Balser says:

American from Arkansas here…crying because we don't have the vegan options at either of those places. I haven't seen it in any other states I've visited/lived either 😭

Katy Austin says:

Loving the new background setting 😍

Brettbriggy says:

The flight attendant on HBO Max was phenomenal.

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