Day 4 of 12! My Vegan Story- Why I went Veg with resources!

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Hey Guys this is my personal vegan story, vegansim has really helped me through a tough health crisis in my life. Like anything else before your make a big change, like going vegan seek out professional medical help like a nutritionist to help you do it right! #veganuary is a drive to promote a healthy vegan lifestyle check it out!

Mic the Vegan: -1 bowl vegan coconut “Snowball” cookies learn how to dip your toe in the Vegan waters! P.S. It’s nice in here!

Want amazing Vegan Christmas recipes? Avante Garde Vegan has your back his youtube channel is definite food porn !

Are you going to be in Portland, OR anytime soon and want to try amazing Vegan food?

Try these awesome places:

Sweetpea Baking Company- In SE Portland has amazing pastries both sweet and savory! Don’t leave without trying the vegan bacon and scallion cream cheese on a bagel! This place is the world first ever Vegan mini-mall. Which includes a vegan tattoo shop!

Homegrown Smoker: Come here hungry! The hush puppies are amazing, if they have burnt ends on special when you’re there get them!

Back to Eden Bakery- A cafe, ice cream shop and bakery all in one (they are vegan and dedicated gluten free kitchen!)

Petunias Bakery- Also Gluten free and Vegan- Try the cheese cake, take the Mac n cheeze home for later! Because we are adults!


Shill and Killary says:

I want you to be well. I am concerned for you. Veganism does have some awesome benefits when done as a short term diet and for certain chronic illnesses. After about a year the benefits fall off and over time it causes severe health complications some irreversible. I know, it happened to me. It is linked to infertility, bone loss, excessive estrogen, gut issues, depression and other brain issues, accelerated aging, leptin damage and the list goes on and on. Beware of documentaries that pull on the heartstrings… it is a form of brainwashing. It's true factory farms are horrific. I personally NEVER eat anything CAFO. It is immoral and unhealthy IMO. The ADA is astonishingly behind in terms of quality science and often makes political stances their policy. The vegan agenda is a tool of the NWO for depopulation.

I have watched the videos and read the China Study and done my research and I implore you to keep searching. Vegans become increasingly guilty and critical the longer they stay in the lifestyle. It becomes neurosis and can easily turn into an eating disorder. The community is oh so holier than thou and excommunicates members as if the Salem Witch trials were alive and well.

The heavy reliance on grains, fruits, and starchy vegetables will exacerbate diabetes. Animal fats counteract rising blood sugar. Although you can get rid of diabetes following the vegan Gabriel Cousens protocol. There are also assorted ways to get rid of it without being vegan. Plant oils wreck the gallbladder and arteries. Please for your future children, keep researching and try fasting to lower your waking blood glucose level. Look into power supplements like Chromium GTF (Glucose tolerance factor) and vanadium. Realize that some animals are raised in healthy environments and their nutritional profiles far exceed their miserable factory farmed brothers and sisters.

It feels so good to the ego to be morally superior, but behind it veganism does not hold up. It is a system that depends on animal crushing machinery to work and harvest the soil. Items are often flown long distances to please our exotic palates. Unhealthy product like non-degradable plastics are often used in place of natural things like leather or metal or glass. Unhealthy substitutions are used in food and the consumer must bear the cross. TVP and soy are toxic. Plants are full of anti-nutrient developed over eons. They do not want to be eaten and soaking your grains and using pickling lime in your corn are not enough. I know. I lived it. A lot longer than two years. I did it "right" and cooked all my own meals from fresh, whole, organic foods. No cans, always something raw on my plate. I have permanent damage. Kill the ego and it's intellectual misguidance and do not wax it. Continue on if you must. You have been warned.
I say this because I care.

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