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Creamy VEGAN Pasta Salad

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❤️SUBSCRIBE Creamy Vegan Pasta Salad! Vegan recipes have been a part of my family for a long as I can remember. We’ve always had a few vegans in the bunch, which means I get to share some tried and true, can’t believe it’s vegan recipes with you guys! Today I’m sharing a recipe I adapted from my Aunt Lisa’s creamy vegan pasta salad recipe. She made it last week for a family cookout and everyone enjoyed it. It’s creamy, fresh, tangy and downright addictive! Not to mention easy to make with ingredients that can be found in regular grocery stores.


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Cosandra Odame says:

What an amazing cook

Kay Hughes says:

On the contrary vegan mayonnaise is better than regular mayonnaise in every way one of those ways being that it does not cause cancer I think that's a pretty freaking good way and it tastes just like mayonnaise

Camber Hill says:

I waited till the last minute to decide on a dish for a boat outing and landed on your channel. Thank you so much. I wanted to share with you that at the last minute while shopping to nail this recipe it got this strange hunch. I switched the Vegenaisa for plain yogurt with maple syrup sweetener. I wasn't sure at all it was going to work, but it did. Nonetheless, thank you for this fabulous dish.

Angela Jolly says:

Excellent 👌👌👌

Jessica Love says:

I just made this!!!! It came out sooo good 😊 thanks for the vegan friendly dish 💚🌱 also super easy and affordable to make!!!

Sasha Symone says:

Your Awesome i miss your videos i was watching yours since before i became video about 5 years ago….thanks for making a vegan one!!

Kimberly Jimenez says:

I tried this recipe today it was great! Only thing Is if you’re planning on making this with regular non vegan mayo note that it has more of a salty taste than the vegan one so not to add any more salt into the sauce like she did with the vegan mayo

Karen Gage says:

I made this salad this last weekend for our anniversary bbq. I had many complements from my picky family. I used regular mayo and added the bacon like you suggested. When I mixed in the dressing I held back 25%, then refrigerated. The next day, just before serving, I stirred in the remaining dressing. So creamy! Big hit! Thank you for this recipe so I didn't have to serve the same boring salad.

Phenix McCoy says:

Thanks for sharing ☺️

latoia b says:

Sis I love your video!!! Yasss girll!! Thank for this recipe! I love finding new recipes 😀
You did the damn thing

Yolanda Stanford says:

Looks delicious!

Georgia Mathewson says:

Hey girl! I was randomly craving pasta salad and wanted some inspiration on how to make a good vegan version. I made yours!! My boy and I loved it so much thank you for sharing!

biriz19 says:

Giiiirl I looove ya! Thanks for sharing that recipe! Subscription on the spot!

Lisa Uguccioni says:

This is SO much better than the pasta salads I usually come across. I Am vegan and this will take a place in my go to recipes. Thank you for such a flavorful dish ❣❣❣

Olivia Granillo says:

Thank you ,my daughter is vegan ,I'm always looking for something different to make her

Serkalem Buraka says:

I don't understand the way you are talking 😕

jeanette simon says:

I’m not vegan but my boyfriend is lactose intolerant so I’m trying to learn how to cook without dairy 😥. Anywho I wonder when this taste good with tuna? Or should I stick with chicken?

Aniek Scharenborg says:

You sound like princess and the frog 🥺♥️

Bold Workz says:

Looks wonderful😋😋😋…I know if I want it creamy for the next day,I would have to increase the wet items.

Mary Kelley says:

I just made this and omg!!! Best pasta salas ever! Even my picky 10 year old loved it. The only change I made was I added some sweet baby gerkins chopped up for sweetness

S Joyce Boyer says:

Yep, that is pushing it!

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