Creamy Vegan Pantry Pasta

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Printable recipe here:


Gia Khan says:

Need some mushrooms in there

West Law Firm says:

Ive made this pasta a million times. It is soooo good!

Keira Richardson says:

How is this VEGAN when she just used goat milk 🥛

Joe Horstmann says:

A simple 20 ingredients have to love the dedication

Patty Cake says:

This is so unhealthy

Steve C. says:

Too short !!! Too quick !!! I want to savor your videos as well as your recipes !!

Sarah says:

Please don’t eat raw flour! If you plan to do this, heat treat your flour in the oven or microwave beforehand.

That said this looks delicious and I’m going to try it out 🙂 (with premicrowaved flour!)

Carlos Rodiguez says:

How is this creamy its vegan, its thick lol

Francescatella44 says:

This looks incredible and so easy to make!! Always looking for new vegan recipes, especially ones that are easy to follow because I’m not the greatest cook lol ! Pasta is also one of my favorite dishes 💚

Carolyn Anderson says:

What kind of pasta are you using?

thatlovelydancer Lao says:

Ok yum. I have to try this

C. Buurke says:

Ohhh I really want to make this! We don't really have any ready made vegetable broth in a carton where I'm from though. Instead I would need to boil water and melt down a bouillon cube each time. Would salted water also be ok for such recipes? Or is there another easy workaround? Thank you!! 🙂

Erin Beers says:

Love your recipes. Which brand is your favorite nutritional yeast?

ET says:

I made this and it was soooo good.

Aloha TVn says:

Looks so good 👍😍😋.

James Palmer says:

Wow. Was just like “I’m hungry, what can I make”, saw this and realized I had everything I needed. Super rich and delicious!! So good

MrGrey1997 says:

Written recipe?

Lisa Righetti says:

This is my go to pasta sauce. It is sooooooo good.

Lilli says:

This is soooo good!!!! Made double the portion and everyone loved it! Thank you so much 💕

Mark Hernandez says:

What kind of pans do you use

Alexandria Veale says:

I just made this and threw some extra tempeh bacon i had on top and its amazing!

Divya says:

Even if you hadn't said This is so good , I knew , I felt It is good .
It looks so yumm

Ajbrunique Starks says:


M Johnson says:

I just made this – except I didn't have nutritional yeast – and I added chopped mushrooms.
Absolutely delicious!

Dylan Schwarz says:

Can you post the ingredients in the description please? Or a link?

Foni Paul says:


Slavtherussian says:

Just so you know, in the desc of ThatVeganTeacher videos, you channel is there, dont you want to go tell her to get rid of that, because all she will do is destroy your channel.

KeepingIt Real says:

You just can't go wrong with pasta. 😋 My favorite go to. I love your short videos the recipes are so simple easy to transition.

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