Café-style coffee & cookies » vegan + delicious

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00:00 Intro
00:37 Cinnamon coconut cream latte:
03:21 Gingerbread latte:
05:30 Almond brownie cookies:
08:33 Cowboy cookies:
11:27 Outro + Audible

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❤ Sadia


Pick Up Limes says:

I’m telling’ ya, that cinnamon coconut cream latte is a hug in a mug , 12/10 recommend! 😜

Shivi D says:

Recently came across your videos & really liking it. Definitely baking chocolate cookies this weekend!

Elvan Şavklı says:

Real cream is the best.

Sana Bilal says:

Love this video…. everything dark with the spice of coffee and chocolate

Erika Vasant says:

Where do you get your mugs, and the matching spoon?

Thê T. says:

Só milionário pode fazer essas receitas.

Muhammad-Islam Ahmad says:

Good to see all your recipes.Can you plz tell us what expresso machine you are using?
I love to make coffee at home, but I don't know which one I should buy?

Jessica Barnett says:

Link for dishes?

Fred Bannister says:

biggest tip, NEVER boil coffee!
I use standard soy in my coffee mostly because oatly is a zionist company. soy has a great velvety texture but it separates if poured in cold so you must heat it to as hot or hotter than the coffee. I suppose a more accessibility way to make the milk slightly more barista or creamer-style is just adding a little canned coconut milk.

Colleen Bloom says:

Absolutely fantastic—the cowboy cookies—but gluten free!! I substituted my GF flour blend: 1/2cup each of almond and chickpea flour and 1/3cup each: millet flour, rice flour, and tapioca starch. I’m going to sandwich them with vegan ice cream later in the week. Man, Sunday night dessert never looked so good!! Thank YOU for another amazing recipe!!💃🏼⛸

Fabiana Francine says:

I love coffee and I love this video ^^

Yorea says:

I'm trying to make vegan American pancakes and I'm curious if using the flax seed egg would work for that? I've tried some other recipes online but they are kind of meh.

Angel Scotch says:

The way the camera was moving in at the beginning actually gave me a bit of anxiety lol

Stephanie Janzen says:

I 1st grind French vanilla coffee beans, and brew a pot of coffee 2nd I pour 1 half of a cup of coffee in a cup , and the other half of the cup I use 1 half of a Vanilla flavored Premare Protein Shake to my Frenchvanilla coffee, next I add a dash of cinnamon, then I use liquid Stevia for sweetening it. It is soooooooo delicious and very nutritious because the Premare protein Shakes only have 1 gram of carbs and 1 gram of sugar! And liquid stevia has no Sugar at all!

Anne Baekelandt says:

Best plant based milk For me is Sproud 😜

Lavvania Sathasivam says:

Tried this, tasted amazing!!! Try using a spatula to mix your mixtures.. 🥰

M.D. T. says:

Oat milk is my favorite milk with my coffee. Steamed or cold works great. I haven't seen barista oat milk here in the States, doesn't mean we don't have it, it's probably not super common yet.
My fav used to be soy but it has a slight after taste that toenoat milk doesn't have. Plus when I steamed, oat milk gets real frothy. 👍🏻

Matty Tribbiani says:

Ok I just loved the fudgy cookies recepie. I’ll try it with no sugar

Sona Chiki says:

♥️♥️♥️ all the recipes. Could you please tell us where did you get your amazing cups from 😃

Jenni K says:

Wow! I really love your new website. It is so easy to just click every step I took, to go on with the next step. So great. And thank you for those lovely recipes ♥

M. B. says:

Your coffee cups are so amazing beautiful and your recipes as well 🙂 greez from germany

Ashtoreth says:

as a vegetarian, how do I substitute a flax egg with an actual egg? (from a trusted source of course)

Cristina Veriotti says:

Amazing ideas! I've been waiting for such a video 😡

Par Shah says:

It would be great if you speak slowly. Sometimes I cannot catch up your speaking speech!

Aileen Yap says:

Where do you get the mug, so pretty

Patriciaa _ says:

You are kidding! Je komt uit Nederland? Ik begon ooit te kijken omdat ik jouw Engels zoooo ontspannend vond. Nu kijk ik omdat ik al 7 maand veganist ben. Wat een mooi kanaal ❤

Nicole M says:

So I used to work in specialty coffee. During our trading classes we learn all about the milks, their composition and how organic, homogenized, grass fed plant based all differ. What makes a latte or cappuccino frothier is the air molecules binding to the fat molecules and how you integrate the steam into the milk (this is more technique and tools that anything). Because plant based milks don't have the same fat composition this is why they fall flat or lose their fluff or don't fluff at all. Barista series plant based milks typically have added thickerners for this reason. For at home where we don't have fancy steamers using a full fat coconut milk or oatmilk is what I find ideal. Almond milk is nice but burns easily and can have an over powering flavor profile. If you don't have those available then adding a 1/4 of a tsp to a plant based milks is also good. I heat the milk and pop it in the blitz for 15-20 secs and there you go, super frothy super delicious. Hope this helps someone. 😊

Ocean BellsBella says:

Beautiful video and amazing recipes! Love Michael Polland too haha

Akhilesh G says:

I just wanna say , you're beautiful !💫❤

zoe Nova says:

I love your Kitchen, With all the plants! I see myself doing my future kitchen like that 😍

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