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Andy Makes the Most Flavorful Vegan Broth Ever | Bon Appétit

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Pour that bone broth down the drain! But don’t, actually, that’s wasteful. Just phase it out with this amazing vegan broth recipe by Andy Baraghani!

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Andy Makes the Most Flavorful Vegan Broth Ever | Bon Appétit


Murrrr! says:

Wonderful!!! I have to try it. More vegan receipes?

Tis.I.The.Fly 89 says:

Vegan / veggy stock is great and all but bone broth is 2. Why not have both?

Tomáš Kalinka says:

Aren´t you supposed NOT to boil miso ? (genuenly asking)

John Ferdinand says:

konbu = special term for dried seaweed??? lol

Torbjörn Johansson says:

The idea of a vegan broth makes no sense. Why don't you just eat the vegetables as is? Why dilute the flavor of the vegetables with water? Bone broth on the other hand makes perfect sense because you can't eat the bones as is.

jarednil69 says:

Andy has nice arms and hands.

Kyle Oliver says:

You do not use any science of the process. I can make a better broth in half the time.

sam1x1x1 says:

no no no don’t bake them!!! it removes all of the good flavors just add the veggies right in no need to put the veggies in the oven

Mary G Crafts says:

I was convinced from the video that this would be delicious, but when I made it, it was really bland, even with lots of salt added. Followed the recipe exactly except I didn't use parsley. What gives?

modemlooper says:

The main thing is roast first.

Louis Roden says:

I love the Freddy Mercury look 😍

Sarvesh Patham says:

Does this work with ramen?

Soon To Be Foodie says:

this is great but I feel like this is extremely reminiscent to the recipe on chefsteps… at the same time, I guess this is less of a hassle and still gives you a great outcome. Will try this recipe.

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