3 Ridiculously Delish Easy VEGAN DESSERTS!

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Hey guys! Today I’m showing you how to make 3 super tasty vegan desserts! Hope you enjoy!

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Tiffany Carson says:

Is anyone else having problems with the link for the recipes?

Keagan Benoit says:

Can you replace the coconut oil with avocado oil? I’m allergic to coconut

Teni Unciyan says:

Can someone explain why a lot of the vegan recipes use organic sugar or organic flour… I really don't know the reason and would be happy if someone can explain it

Pippa Equestrian says:

So uhm, im only here because I want to make something for all of the adults at my house rn. Hehe.

Alisha X says:

I love your channel!

Ju Pru says:

Is there something that could be used besides brown sugar? I'm trying to go sugarless. Thank you.

eat.play.create. says:

why do people not add measurements !? >:(

loveand hate says:

my cream didn’t turn out creamy like that but it was still goodπŸ˜‹

Taliah Israel says:

I clicked on the link for the cinnamon rolls and it’s not working 😩😩

Les Brown says:

Im in love!

chalatenango234 says:

love the cheesecake bites I like your simplicity its not overwhelming or complicated that's a turn off to people who are not vegetarian ..I am going to make it since I also feel ingredients are simple Thanks!

kkimberly2004 says:

I bet some lemon juice in that frosting would be good too for the cinnamon rolls. I like them all, yummers.

ScreamQueen says:

Thrive is amazing 😊 I've been a VERY loyal user singing their praises for over two years. So glad to see other people hyping them up.

pershaeonlife says:

Trying this, thanks Kim xo

Amber Grimes says:

Could you update this? I find myself adding a lot more flour. Thanks.

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