3 Quick + Healthy Spring Recipes!

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Healthy spring recipes that’ll last ALL WEEK?! Yep, it’s possible!
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Rachel Esparza says:

I miss watching your videos Ingrid!!!

Hannah Farrar says:

Love this video. Just wish the background music wasn't overpowering her voice at times.

Carol Kuo says:

I miss those videos. Can you do more of them Plz

Joanna Chiang says:

Always make the soba noodle salad it’s so easy and quick

Maja Vujinic says:

This music is reminder for all people who are missing me right now😢😢😢

Kimmy Villanova Smith says:

I want the name of the all the songs please!!

Piggyback says:

The music is too loud

life on the red planet says:

Can I use peach for the popcorn?

Busakorn W. says:

The background music was way too loud, but the recipes were great I've done one of them but it's too late to post actually.

Karen Bijkersma says:

Tbh the music was sad but the video was good, so still a good video

Anna Lor says:

what's the music in your video call? it's very soothing and delightful

Wynter Rose says:

You are so sweet but you can create the same recipes by using Vegan Products. Animals suffer when you use Animal Products.

pinkgypsygirl says:

Yum, soba noodle salad with cat hair.

Verla Schupbach says:

It was VERY hard to hear and understand you with the LOUD background music. I really enjoyed it otherwise. If you could correct this for future one, they would be so much better. Thank you.

***Beans*** says:

'Mr.Whisk'… 😳😱😰 (Any Other Phandom Members Here…)

venven24 says:

No animal products are good for you Ingrid. Please stop spreading lies on the Internet.

venven24 says:

Why do you love your cat but promote the slaughter of innocent chickens? Please educate yourself Ingrid.

Miriam Cantú says:

Hey hun, no animal products are healthy. Change your title because youre spreading lies. i
It's the mayo sponcer everyone! Sharring "healthy" recipes 😂
Even all your makeup videos promote cruelty. You know they test on innocent animals like nugget ya dumb fuck. Get off of youtube!!!!

Markyyy says:

I would like to admire the person who filmed this, that's the person who makes this video as good as it is.

Sydney Kate Jones says:

Allergic to nuts? Add Tahini for a creamy base!
Vegan viewers:
1. just use bee free or agave and hold the chicken.
2. Instead of shrimp I recommend strips of purple cabbage, carrots and cucumbers.
3. Just substitute with Milkless Polar Dream white chocolate bar and coconut oil instead of butter.

Great video Ingrid 🙂

Sara Swenson says:

I failed at spring rolls a while ago, this video has given me inspiration to try again 😊

Jasmine Mackenzie says:

Wait your half Thai I didn't know that I'm half Thai too but I live in the UK. I'm half Thai quarter British and quarter Portuguese

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