Winter Pesto Pasta in 5 minutes | The Happy Pear #VEGAN

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We love kale, there’s no denying it. We are also in the pesto game. This winter pesto pasta is a hearty nutrient rich flavour bomb. It’ll keep you full and healthy through winter and is an instant pleaser.

All the best,
Dave & Steve.

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Banglefish says:

Thanks for the inspo, i tried it tonight and it was yummmm

J C says:

Great meal, 5 min is wrong though, maybe if you have everything measured and cleaned and ready with 2 people cooking. More mike 20 – 30 min.

maria parodi says:

what can the cashew nuts be replaced with?

ossiferfunk says:

*turns video off immediately

Joanne Vargas says:

Two cute cooks in the kitchen with a great recipe! Win Win Win!!!

Gaming Master says:

Probably you can add some pepper, garlic and cumin when you are frying the veggies !!

Music Love says:

I never thought of using kale to make pesto. Definitely going to give this one a try.

AlwaysGonnaSing says:

Mmm peasto!

Tamara Kaddatz says:

What could you use instead of cashews? I have all the ingredients in house, well mustard greens instead of Kale and no onions.

Roderich Heier says:

Don't pronounce the 'g' in tagliatelle please.

MrDvbnhbq says:

Maybe avocado must be there as an option to try.

Holly Smith says:

This was so good! Eating it now. Defo not 5 mins though. Maybe 20 mins on your own. Although I used dried pasta

Deepthi Chodavarapu says:

Great recipe! What blender did you use? Thanks

Paulina Malina says:

It’s even better with some soy sauce, rounds the flavours off beautifully 😉

Sarah Johnson says:

I am not a fan of kale but i used it anyway and it was so good. Will def put this in the rotation!

AdrienneAce says:

Basil is usually a summertime herb so we're gonna base this on KALE!!! Great stuff from these guys. Great recipe, too. Thanks very much!

练飘飘 says:

very efficient! but the clean-up will take half an hr.. :'D

Axe says:

Boys this was outstanding ! My new go to for night shifts.
Spread love ! 🌱🏋️‍♂️🙏🏻❤

Beachcomber95 says:

I shed a tear when you threw the pasta water in the sink

evelyn baron says:

As a vegan I do not miss meat and am lucky enough to come from a foodie European family where rice beans and veggies were standard; still don't get North American wonderbread; my sis and used them as missiles, a bit like Bertie Wooster in the Drones Club 🙂 Enough about me. Effervescent!!! You guys are getting poetic!!!!!!! I have made pea pesto before with walnuts and I confess, the one thing I miss is pasta, so once a week it is so easy and the rest of my diet is so fiber rich it is not a big deal; the peas alone in this dish even the score. I steam the peas, because I can; same time; they don't need cooking obviously. I sprinkle a bit of nutritional yeast, a bit of umami that would have come from parmesan; you know it's there, I throw in mushrooms and it is paradise in, for me 10 minutes, until I get cloned or learn to chop incredibly fast like you guys.

I did try to cook without oil, but am a bit financially challenged, and I have an enormous wok plus immersion blender plus coffee grinder for spices; works. Even when I was not vegan, 1 tablespoon of tahini with garlic and lemon and cumin and 2 cups of chickpeas and bit of water to loosen things up means good fat but not much, so 1/2 tbsp. of oil in the wok is not going to make the universe end and things get done fast and stay healthy. So happy holidays to you both, my sis is not my twin but we may as well be, keep those brill videos coming!!!!!

silvsilvsilv says:

No tamari? UNSUBBED! 😀

Nela DH says:

I guess 10 minutes for a one person… you guys 😀

Connor Whitmore says:

Anyone else hear tofu cashew nuts instead of toasted cashew nuts?

Ms AL says:

If I'm allergic to cashews what can I substitute it with?

Fionnuala Murphy says:

Less oil please

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