What I Eat On A School Day (Vegan) + Recipes

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❤️ Hey Everyone!❤️ Today’s video is what I ate on a school day! I also show you recipes on how to make everything that I ate:) it’s all super delicious and healthy! I hope you like this video and don’t forget to subscribe:) have an awesome day!

The recipe I took inspiration from (shepherd’s pie) http://www.jamieoliver.com/recipes/vegetables-recipes/vegan-shepherd-s-pie/#vkP6WjcfRLmPGwRv.97


Ambie Morgan says:

I recently got diagnosed with celiac disease and gluten free food is abit expensive and out of budget sadly but i love your channel gave me many ideas to my new eating habits☺

JSnon14 says:

What was the song called that you played in the beginning?? I really like it😊

Oceane La Via says:

I know this video is old but remember too eat your bananas when they're spotty

lucky buk says:

i have a question not particulary about this video…how can you afford so much fruit and nuts ? where i live its so expensive, apples and those standard things are cheap but appricotes and things like mushrooms, pinneaple and specially nuts are expensive, (at least for me)
^could you maybe make a video about cheap treats, with like apples oranges etc.???? ^_^ thanks

Elodie says:

Omg so much oil

jenna m. says:

Hey, I know this vid is old, but I'd recommend the soy free earth balance butter (it's in a red container) because I learned recently that unfermented soy isn't very good for you

Sarah Fears says:

Loved this video 🙂

caroline forbes says:

i just discovered ur channel and im in love that you use lanas songs in the vids😍😍

13funnygurl says:

I have the same balsamic vinegar

Hannah Johnson says:

are you Canadian?

Hannah Johnson says:

are you Canadian?

KlaudiaAntonina says:

You're really beautiful and I enjoy your videos a lot! Stay cool:)

Emily Mckenzie says:

Definatley gonna make this this week!!!!

Hana Belt says:

What are all the apps/camera/material for you to make YouTube videos? Can you make good videos with just an iPhone?

Stormy Hallahan says:

You peel your carrots? I totally get it if they're not organic but if they are you're missing out on some B12!

Fiona L says:

I could never be 100 % vegan but eating vegan recipes a few times a week would be a good start. I like that you make real food and not just raw or totally fruit based meals.

The Vegan Wallflower says:

Unripe banana nooo…

Kirsten Frier says:


Kaelyn says:

Your skin is literally so nice, must be from the healthy eating?

Hailey Buchanan says:

I was eating apple jacks while watching these.. Ha don't think ill be becoming a healthy vegan any time soon.

tashafera says:

Good video! Are u from Montreal?

Clare O'Shea says:

Mhmm so yum

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