What I Eat in a Week | vegan breakfast recipes

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A week of vegan breakfast recipes and a long chat on intuitive eating and healing through food!
Some food-related affirmations :
I choose to consume everything as medicine.
I use food as a way to show myself love.
I act upon my higher voice.
I feed the strength of my intuition.
Everything I consume alchemizes into optimal health
I welcome all thought patterns to come up, to reveal the areas within me that need healing. May I create a new story.
I love myself just as I am.

IG: yaknowme_hitomi
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Here are the powders mentioned:
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Protein powder: https://orgain.com/collections/products/products/organic-protein-plant-based-protein-powder?variant=29852864741485&gclid=Cj0KCQjwoaz3BRDnARIsAF1RfLeUBKPiGdf1A-dbHLJzA9kpNGD3WNs5PVdh23W0ZB9-7djpXSVrwtcaAltcEALw_wcB

My friends green Powder I tried: https://ishoppurium.com/products/power-shake-terra-pouch-original

My Go-To Green powder https://www.iherb.com/pr/HealthForce-Superfoods-Vitamineral-Green-Version-5-5-400-VeganCaps/19407?gclid=Cj0KCQjwoaz3BRDnARIsAF1RfLe1O5wyMD4dSE4GXW12UzduC0IGJGxppO9NC1ill2M0mHqQ3qOqsrsaAh6TEALw_wcB&gclsrc=aw.ds
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Canon Eos80D
Manfrotto Tripod
Studio Essentials LED ring light

– Hitomi Mochizuki –
Hey I’m Hitomi! I love taking deep mindful breaths and honoring every side of myself.. All the light, dark and shadow. Subscribe for fashion inspiration, self love practices, long rambles on spiritual truths and wholesome stuff all around!


MY MANIFESTATION WISHES : https://youtu.be/-XBMhV_4jVw

MY TATTOOS: https://youtu.be/8O8DYpCahtA

MY LIFE STORY : https://youtu.be/dpSk7s8zmx8

What are your spiritual beliefs?
I currently resonate deeply with Tantra and Hinduism. Buddhism will always play a part in my life as well!

MASTER DOC TO FIGHT RACISM from @patiasfantasyworld https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/16CFLrMySyQR8cLTmACUKtHfc-UQ9PUA0ktLAfApydS8/htmlview?usp=sharing&pru=AAABcqQtDyw*x5ENS9FKeMlfA-kM6x-ajw.

A DOC OF RESOURCES: https://docs.google.com/document/u/0/d/1CjZMORRVuv-I-qo4B0YfmOTqIOa3GUS207t5iuLZmyA/mobilebasic created by https://www.instagram.com/botanicaldyke/

Thank you for being just who are you.
With so much love,



Danielle Tasch says:

you inspire me to be kinder to the planet

Carsch A says:

Isn't veganism a bit outdated?

Cass McCarthy says:

Do you happen to have a video on nutrition when it comes to veganism?
I was vegan for years and my health got so bad that I began eating meat and other animal products again. I'm hoping to get back into things 🧡🙏

Monalisa Campuzano says:

Def. trying that banana ice cream! :OO

Makaila Santiago says:

I am definitely trying the miso soup. It looks so good.

Charlotte H-M says:

Hitomi I'm so grateful for your presence on YouTube, for your soul's journey, and all the gifts that you are able to share because of that. Your videos have helped me so much, you are such a divine light for me, a reminder that all will be well, thank you for being such an inspiration. This video brought tears to my eyes as you spoke about your new relationship with food, it is something I am working with at the moment and I AM JUST SO DANG GRATEFUL FOR YOU WOMAN <3 Sending you so many blessings and so much love xxx

Gaby Oro says:

Hitomi! Y feel sooo good in your channel.

Nina Jones says:

Love the visual ASMR aspect of watching food be prepared

Emily Ellis says:

This was really helpful. Thank you. <3

Ray Caballero says:

You said your friend is from Hoboken. Great I know that Rea I'm not far from there

സ്നേഹതീരം says:

Super receipe

Nina Knuti says:

Hello, many blessings to you Hitomi <3 Your food videos have been helping me tremendously since I found your channel a few days ago. I'm also vegan and have found that I'm sensitive to quite a few foods such as potatoes, red pepper, eggplant, beets, and also cauliflower! Apparently, it's called a "nightshade" allergy… something to do with the alkalization process/breakdown in our bodies. Anyway, thank you so much for your wonderful content and wisdom… you are an angel! Much love and light 🙂

Conscious Crissy says:

Am sooo impressed🤤😍 all the savory and sweet options yass🙌🎉💖

Taly Gomez says:

i never have any of the food she uses for these but i just love watching these😂

Jeni Spice says:

you're such a beautiful person, i would love to experience having a friend like you to just share moments and meals with ^-^ bless your soul

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