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Hi my friends! Today I have a What I Eat in a Day video for you guys. You seemed to enjoy the last one so here is another! Full ingredients for these meals will be down below. PS what I eat in a day to be healthy and for weight loss is completely different than what you may eat. I am not a health professional just showing you some ideas!

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1/4 cup chickpea flour
1/2 tbsp nutritional yeast
Turmeric, black pepper, salt (1/4 tsp or less of each)
1/4 tsp water
Gardein breakfast sausage patty
Vegan cheddar cheese (Whole Foods brand)
English muffin

75g Banza pasta
3 oz Beyond Beef
1/2 tsp olive oil
1 oz onion
60g Trader Joe’s Cashew Fiesta Dip
1/3 cup almond milk
1/8 cup vegan cheddar shreds
1/2 jalapeño
1 green onion

105g edamame
110g broccoli
80g bok choy
1 block of sriracha baked tofu
Peanut sauce: 1 tbsp peanut butter, 1 tsp maple syrup, 1-2 tbsp water
2 oz pad thai noodles

1 rice cake
1 tbsp peanut butter
8g chocolate chips (trader joe’s and enjoy life are vegan)
from epidemicsound.com

FTC: not sponsored babes (Lotus Foods Pad Thai Noodles were sent to me)
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Plantifully Based says:

hi guys! hope you enjoy this What I Eat in a Day. If you don’t like the vlog aspects and just want to see meals I will put timestamps here. Thanks so much for watching xoxo

breakfast: 2:10
lunch: 4:46
dinner: 8:59
snack: 11:00
cronometer: 12:11

ErrorError says:

Hot damn that breakfast sandwich looks amazing! Will definitely try!

CupcakeGeekxo says:

THIS WAS FAB! Absolutely loved this! That breakfast looked so good! I've been inspired to try English muffins!😂 Are they just like normal bread/bread rolls? 😍😂😂😘

Emily Vander Velden says:

That breakfast sandwich looks soooo good 😍 I def need to try making it soon

Carrie Lynn says:

I need to make that breakfast sandwich! Looks so good. I made meatballs yesterday w the new Beyond Meat and was so excited because they looked perfect…but yup, they totally have that weird taste. I left them in sauce in the fridge and today the taste was definitely less but there was still a hint of it. Thanks for the meal ideas!

Haleigh Rae says:

I literally love you sm please don’t ever stop making videos!!!! 💓💓

straberryshinigami15 g says:

soo refreshing to see a fellow thick vegan! I'm tired of seeing vegan you tubers who are super skinny, like that's fine, but there are fat vegans too! representation is important! i saw you and thought "she looks like me" 🙂 vegans come in all shapes and sizes <3 great job on exercising+eating healthier, i love how i feel after exercising!

Mary Morrison says:

I know what you mean, there is that kinda weird taste in that fake meat, I can’t put my finger on it, I really don’t like it….

0 S says:

I love your approach to your diet and also like… it works for you so what other people think is irrelevant anyway! But still many things you said work for everyone! Keep yourself happy, keep finding joy in food. You don't have to skip dessert, just because you are trying to lose weight.

Vana Markarian says:

amazing job on the weight loss and good luck on ur journey love..💕💕
the food looked so good but I have a question I bought chickpea pasta and it has a weird texture and kinda nasty🙈🙈 any idea why or is there a special way to cook them I know u said to cook them a little longer but anything else?? Thanks hun..💕💕

Tanairi Pubill says:

Ooh I love the gardein breakfast sausage. Definitely need to try making breakfast sandwiches with them. Also, love the idea of using the fiesta dip to make sauces. Such a nice hack when you don't want to be using your blender.

mary sibb says:

Good luck on your journey, pretty girl. I love how you don’t eat things you hate. I don’t either. You have such a great food imagination. Love it. Peace and hugs my friend.

David Perez says:

Talk to high carb Hanna she will lead you on right track trust her .you look gorgeous btw …besos!

Korey P says:

Yes! I’ve been craving breakfast sandwiches lately and these look amazing:)

Lisa Kitahara says:

Holy moly these look delish Francesca!!! Now I know what I’m making for breakfast tmo 😂😍

Notorious J says:

That breakfast sandwich is life!! Looks so delicious 😋❤️

Courtney Brown says:

Hey there, love the “hamburger helper” idea! You are the 2nd YouTuber today to mention the TJ’s Fiesta dip…I’ll have to grab that next time I go. Ur new phone was clear, but I hard time watching the vlog portion b/c it seemed really shakey? Sorry ☹️ YES! I’m all for balance! ❤️ ur channel😊

Domestic Goddess Marissa says:

Its so good that you're eating healthy believe me I learned the hard way!! I am cancer survivor twice n I would have had cancer for a 3rd time in 2017 but thanks to a clinical trial I didn't. Anyway so much about me. I am so lucky I found you on Instagram through cancerveggiedoc.I really like your recipes. I make the mall the time. You're such an inspiration. Thank you so much for everything you do.😘😀😘 I just started plant based eating. It will be 4 months that I started. Many blessings🙏

Kasandra Rodriguez says:

Omg, I love those sausages. They are so good.

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