what I eat in a day | low(er) carb vegan recipes

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Welcome back to another what I eat video! Today is a little different than usual because I wanted to get creative and share some lower carb vegan recipes with you guys! I hope you enjoy it!

All recipes from today’s video here: https://katefruitflowers.com/blogs/recipes

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Miriam O says:

Wow great idea, thank you for sharing Kate😀

Enjoy_Life110 says:

How have I just discovered you? You’re so satisfying to watch!!!

Bella Vlogs Life says:

Hey, Ive just subscribed 🙂 Im making my way over to an earth diet. Ie, no processed foods, meat, dairy etc. It's a work in process. I loved your vlog and will defo be trying the chia seed pudding that looked beyond amazing! Thanks for this xx

Emilie Scott says:

Hey Kate I seriously love your vids 💫🦋. Im a small youtuber and just started posting more on my channel. I just made a vegan what I eat in a week :)! I post a lot of vegan, ballet, and productivity content! If you’re reading this, I’d LOVE for you to check me out.

Misha Vayner says:

Do you happen to know how many grams of protein (and fat) are in this day?

vanilla E says:

I just found your channel and have to say I'm really excited to try your ideas. I'm a type 1 diabetic, low carb and do not eat meat. I am looking forward to the store fry. I could eat this all day. lol Thank you so much and you look amazing – so healthy looking. You are beautiful inside and out! love your cat too.

TheCalliopeSky says:

THANK YOU for making this video! This is the way I prefer to eat also!! I looove tofu but can’t have it everyday either.

jayc says:

Coconut butter naturally has sugar, so your chocolate truffles are not sugar free.. Suggest you remove that comment in the video

forever_vegan1 says:

Go vegan 🌱 we love you🙏💗

Lisa L Menard says:

What is a raw coconut wrap?

Sarah Kelly says:

Yum definately trying that curry!!! Thanks 😊

noble steed says:

why did this granma just eat a bowl of shit for bf?

Hayley Robinson says:

What’s the sauce recipe?

Mightow Gentlemen's Club says:

Funny how almost all who fall for these manias and neurosis are female.

VRUNO says:

what is the name of your cat? (:

bastyo says:

How old is she?

Lizel Cuevas-Lizasuain says:

I would love to go raw but wouldn’t know where to starting

Gabriela Cluciuniuc says:

All I wanna do is squish that adorable cat on the sofa. Btw I loved this low carb day 😻

Infernal Moondance says:

How I starve myself in a day, by yet another infertile and brainwashed American girl.

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