WHAT I EAT IN A DAY ‣‣ Cozy Vegan Winter Meals

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In today’s video we have another What I Eat in a Day (vegan!) video. I’m sharing some of my favorite vegan winter meals including breakfast quinoa, vegan nachos and an amazing vegan curry!


Breakfast – Chai Breakfast Quinoa
Lunch – Black Bean Vegan Nachos
Snacks – Four Sigmatic Hot Chocolate
Dinner – Vegan Red Curry with Tofu




– Chai Breakfast Quinoa: coming soon!

– Spicy Black Beans: coming soon!

– Vegan Red Curry: coming soon!

What I Eat in a Day Playlist: https://smplyq.co/wiaplaylist





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Disclaimer: I partnered with Thrive Market on today’s video. I was compensated to create the recipes, but as always, all opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting me and the companies that make this channel possible!


inar Tuwinda says:


Elena N says:

I finally caught up with your videos! I can’t wait for the full curry recipe!!! 😋

JennareneeL says:

Also black bean recipe please

JennareneeL says:

Which sun potion do you recommend?!?!

Meghan McGhee says:

The not vegan comments are so annoying. She’s said several times she’s not vegan. You can make vegan meals and not be vegan. What’s wrong with that? It says vegan meals in the title, that’s it

Noemi Jean Rulloda says:

All of yourrecipes where can i find them ms. Simply quinoa?

patty 8873 says:

Thrive is a good company. I put in an order after Christmas and when the tracking information came up I saw it was going take over 8 days. That’s longer than usual and way longer than Vitacost (another online health food co I really like…they have way more stuff than Thrive and it arrives in two days). I then had to go out and purchase a few of the items I couldn’t wait that long for. I complained and they gave me a $10 credit on my account. There’s no where on their website that can tell you how long shipments take. It just says that after the order is processed you will receive the tracking information.

Jasmine K. says:

tofu is gross

Paxton Ghandi says:

Thank you for the video but honey is not vegan!

Wayne Clark says:

It would be so exhausting dating you , everything has to be perfect looks like

Patricia Sarkkinen says:

Thrive market… is giving me a headache

SunshineJenny says:

Hi! What brand of coconut yogurt do you use? It looks so thick and delish.

Victoria Dufour says:

Honey isn't vegan

Scrumptious Cooking says:

New subscriber from uk 🇬🇧
Hi 👋 xx

Razzle Dazzle Vegan says:

Have you ever compared Vitamix to Blendtec? I am trying to figure out which high-speed blender I should get 🙂

Plush Furr says:

EVERYTHING look so delish 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

Cassie Autumn says:

The curry noodles OH SNAP 😍😍😍

Scott Reacher says:

Over 5 min of chit chat, very long product placement.

Anna S says:

This is stuff i actually want to eat!

Misty Thompson says:

We do our quinoa the same way in instant pot only difference is we rinse first and 1:1 water ratio

Whatever makes my happiness says:

Food looks awe😍😍😍

Jorden Osnoe says:

I just got a bag of those coconut milk chocolates from my co-worker today in a Christmas gift bag (she's the best)! I am so excited to try them! Also, those nachos look sooooo good!

Sarah Windmueller says:

All your food in this video looks so good!! 👍🎄 I always love you WIAIAD videos! They are inspiring. What I love about your channel is the fact that you eat a lot of vegetables and eat a pretty clean healthy diet that’s plant based but not totally vegan. Keep up these great videos Alyssa. !! Oh and that curry looks soooooo good!

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