WHAT I EAT FOR BREAKFAST: Dr. Esselstyn & Other Plant-Based Docs

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With many thanks to so many people, including the doctors for taking part, Kaden Zipfel and Andrew Gough for editing. As well Mark Stolaroff for videograhpy help:


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johnson paul says:

I didn't go past the lead in pictures—everything there would spike my bg at least 50 points

Warrior says:

Why am I watching this I’m literally a carnivore.

huriye kantar says:

Oatmeal literally does nothing for my appetite. I’ll keep eating and eating and chewing and NOTHING. The only thing that fills me up is a lot of carbs and fat which I cannot consume a lot of together due to my genetic predisposition to diabetes 😥

Mike McRaith says:

I don't know why but am I the only one who eats shredded wheat for breakfast. I've been a vegan for 4 years. I'm a 60 year old general dentist. No health issues. No medications. My breakfast consists of plain shredded wheat with cold water or plain oatmilk. Raw rolled oats and fresh ground flax seeds on top. Usually strawberries, blue berries, and a banana on the side. Then a casual but a swift walk to the bathroom lol . Is there a problem with eating wheat that I don't know about?

Jaxon Basra says:

Oatmeal for Breakfast, Beans and Salad for Lunch and Tofu and Potatoes for Dinner.

SUUPA says:

Funny that the guy who wasnt in the best shape said… Pancakes. I laughed out loud. 😆

Cornelius Corker says:

Steel cut ??? What a pretentious nut

Sosa Ruhinda says:

Try a cucumber lemon and ginger blend… it will change your life

Sarah Beee says:

Oatmeal kills my stomach. Allergic to acidic things like berries. I’ve tried liquid breakfasts it does not go well. I can do cream of wheat. Tofu scramble isn’t something I would ever crave. Help???? I don’t know what to make, I just eat eggs and I don’t want to. (Nutrition yeast did not go well).

Unknown User says:

If they have a degree in medical or diets. I don’t trust them … bs

aggarwal545 says:

They all look bad

Free Reign says:

Lentils everyday suits me🌾

Plant Based Food Share says:

Oatmeal leads the way!!!

Temps says:

Aaaassssiiieeeeeeee lol

Daniel Dennis says:

they all only eat sugar this is trash food

Ginette Melody says:

… NO, not if you are gluten intolerant.

Alix Alix says:

Hummos or fava beans

Progressive Ideologies says:

I hate oats 😢😢😢

Plagues Inhale the says:

Men shouldn’t eat flax seeds they lower testosterone…chia seeds boost testosterone just look it up

Luc Alexander says:

I eat oatmeal savory. Just a little salt, nutritional yeast, oatmilk, flax seeds and sometimes some scrambled tofu or vegan sausage on top.

I'm not into sweet stuff in the morning. But when I am I do rice cake with peanut butter and banana slices.

Paul Neal says:

I am totally confused. I've listen to very knowledgeable doctors advocating entirely different diets. For instance, oats is a terrible food because of its high carbs. Anything with sugar is restricted to selected items…etc. etc. I'm on a low carb diet and have lost weight and my glucose is now near normal. If I ate what is here suggested I would gain weight and my glucose level would climb. I cannot imagine just eating 'plant based' foods only. How do they account for the life span of Eskimos, Lapps, etc.

1 1 says:

A large bowl of fruit salad for me for breakfast

arulaful says:

dr. pamela – is there a not food grade green tea..?
dr. ayesha – you mean tofu like tofu..?
anyway somehow i was lead to believe that some health providers don't eat breakfast but intermittently fast…

downbntout says:

Excellent vid. Great ideas here

David Chaplin says:

Born in India 1950 ,, follow plant based diet ,,,, expected death age 35 ?? The stat's speak for themselves

Cleavis Butkus says:

I'm hungry now

Daniel Petro says:

Smoothie ad? 🤔

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