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1. Take your weight in kg and multiply it by 0.8
2. If you only know your weight in pounds, divide that number by 2.2, then multiply by 0.8
3. The number you get is the number of grams of protein your body needs on average per day. If you are exercising a lot or have a wound that is healing, you should up your protein a bit. Talk to your doctor or a nutritionist about this.

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1 cup chopped veggies
1/2 cup chopped greens (optional)
1 tsp each parsley and basil
14 oz can tomato sauce
1 tbsp tahini (TRUST ME ON THIS)
1 tbsp coconut sugar
1 tbsp nutritional yeast
1/2 cup non-dairy milk or veggie broth to thin it out
salt and pepper
cooked pasta (I used 2 cups cooked)

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Katelyn Fahler says:

And vegan in general I believe is nothing but healthy. It’s filled with so much nutrients and minerals and vitamins. Your cutting out the animals and the by products and your automatically so much more healthier. I believe. Watching cowspiracy, made me go vegan and in general, eggs, meat, seafood, poultry, milk, and so on, is not all that healthy anyways.
I agree it’s a lifestyle and that’s what makes it healthy, but people need to learn, vegan in general is using more Whole and natural foods, making it therefor healthy.
Also if your not harming animals who gives a fuck what you eat. Or what you eat.

Katelyn Fahler says:

This food looks so amazing!! Especially that burger. Do you know if they have that burger place in the states or just Canada? I’m obsessed with carbs and especially burgers with cheese sauce.

Brunsbär says:

Looks great, but isn't 1500 calories a bit low?

b0ygrinder says:

You are wonderful!

Rml Christa says:

Your application please?

Silva Babie says:

I know this is many years late…but all those who don’t agree with your channel or food choices can go scratch..I LOVE all your videos and appreciate the sweet treat option u give. 😉. Thanks

The Vintage Vegan says:

That creamy pasta is amazing! I just made it!! New fave 😍

naminegirl21 says:

I love this channel. I'm so sick of vegan "what I eat" videos where it's ALWAYS high raw, giant smoothies, plain potatoes & lettuce for dinner, oil-free, salt-free, plain food.
I like how this channel isn't strict and incorporates some junk food. Not everybody wants to eat 100% clean everyday of their lives!

helen voirin says:

I totally agree with your Healthy definition, it is just the ingredients (vegan ingredients) even if you have some baked potato wedges sometimes, doesn’t make you unhealthy

Jeannious1 says:

I love your philosophy on eating healthy. I am trying to become vegetarian and possibly transition into vegan. Your videos make it so much easier. Thanks for all your awesome recipes

Soapy Cheezus says:

I love listening to her voice and watching her make all these dishes! They look so good and affordable. I haven’t gotten through all the videos yet (I’m binging and adding to my playlist so I can make some of these), but I’m going to soon. I’ve been vegan for around five months, which isn’t very long, but I don’t see signs of me quitting. It’s refreshing to have shut out meat and dairy, which I used to love, and try a bunch of new things I would have never ate before. I even learned to like or love things I didn’t like beforehand. It’s been a good experience, and I love finding all these recipes – especially all those bento boxes that I need to try badly.

Shay's World says:

Looks great

Rachael Debb says:

Thank you!!! Stick up for real health which is a balance and intuitive and not total obsession. :):)

King Rauhl says:

The fact that you had to prove yourself that you eat more protein (then people think) makes me mad😒 ppl are so annoying

Jannet Lopez says:

That pasta sounds so amazing

Chaquitta Lambert says:

arihana love your videos

Soulshine Boutique says:

I love that you offer 'healhier' options…vs a box of oreos, one homemade cookie is a much healthier alternative! There'll always be critics…keep doin what you're doin! xo

June Yokohara says:

I love your channel so much! If it was for me, I would be vegan too, but I'm very anemic so I need to eat meat to stay healthy 😐
That of course didn't stop me to try some of your recipes, and they turned out so good!

I totally agree with your idea of healthy. For me, it doesn't mean that you mustn't gain a single pound, but that you have to feel happy with your body, what you eat and what you do 🙂

Sorry if I did some mistakes while typing this, English is not my native language 😉

cmce87 says:

Sweet baby Jesus, liv! You’re damn right! Don’t listen to people who tell you what you shouldn’t be promoting on your channel! What’s life without cookies and sweet treats?! Keep up the awesome work! Your channel keeps me inspired to eat healthy by sometimes indulging in sweets! Life is about balance!x

Gina Kennett says:

You are an inspiration, please keep up the great work!

Ijanae Reed says:

I love u so much …so when u said spag-a-tini I never laughed so hard 😂💖

Marie Ann says:

I personally eat a lot of legumes, because in combination with grains, the quality of the protein is like waaaay better and it is important to get all 8 amino acids, but as long as you're not having issues, I don't see where the problem should be a problem

Sam MaC says:

I enjoy your videos and don't let the negativity of others bother you….Stay encouraged…

Firm Tofu says:

I totally agree with theTahini in the sauce,it's so delicious! I love your recipes ! 🙂

Johanna To says:

The world needs more developed people like you yourself. You are truly intelligent and don´t let yourself get insecure about what you are about in your life! /Johanna

Shreya Puthran says:

Your eyes😍

A'isha Raven says:

i really love your channel it is super helpful and i think that .people like me appreciate the baked goods recipes because i love sweets and i see it as a way to have a treat every now and again

Maya Davidson says:

People are obsessed with protein! Humans are only meant to get 45-50g and people assume we're meant to get 100g each day!

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