WHAT I ATE TODAY #1 | Vegan, Food for Losing Fat

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What I eat in a day; vegan, vegetarian, raw healthy food to help you lose weight 🙂 minus the sneaky chocolate at the end 😛

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hobrobin says:

She really needed to add some legumes, tofu, or mock meats. This is too much fruit and not enough fat/protein.

Catina Farrow says:

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Lo Rebel says:

You’re wasting a lot of fruit with the way you’re cutting

R. Zapp says:

You are wasting about 1/3rd
of your strawberries by not lifting the green top then slicing just below it!!

freya flourishing says:

Lmao for a second I thought she was putting more melon in the tray but it was sweet potato

Laura omar says:

too much wasteeeee. the strawberries the melons everything

Bambi Virgo says:

Anorexic diet

Aiminath Nadha says:

Disturbed to watch all the waste..

Caden Baughman says:

Recently i google to learn more about a weight loss plan I heard about via a mate who just shed a whopping 14 lbs! Go to Google and search “fetching tuti space”, you will know what I am talking about.

Eniola Olubosi says:

What the fuvk

Daughter Of The King says:

Hmmmm, My opinion;
Everything in moderation! BTW,,, what's up with all the Vodka at 3:26???? Again~~~MODERATION….
Oh my more sugar in the potato, and for dessert? MORE SUGAR!!!😥😅😷😱

Ida says:

That is not enough food at all and I think you shouldn't be promoting this diet because it's not healthy. You have so many subscribers and promoting heavy restriction is not something to do, many people may be looking up to you. Restriction only ruins your metabolism and makes you gain the weight back easier, you could eat a lot more and still lose weight.

Antonia Sonne says:

the amount on vodka in the Background 🍹

supper sipper says:

Lacking on a lotta calories here..just saying

Shadezofcul says:

I'm vegan to, but I think even for lose weight is not enough food.

wasfapuk1 112 says:

This made me really hungry 😄😄

Della Coyle says:

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abdul razak albahrani says:


Sharvani S says:

Nice video. Thank you for making it

Leah Willard says:

I would have loaded up on greens.

Della Coyle says:

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K Style says:

I think vegan is the only lifestyle /diet that you can eat how much you want

Amitzy Raizy says:

dnt waste so much strawberry meat when u cut them

mia penelope says:

okay her peanut butter was made by kraft…why are we supporting these cruel brands?

Queen6032 says:

Loll she is not playing with all that vodka in the back 😂😂

idek says:

Why is the straw upsidedown? 😂

Della Coyle says:

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fou bid says:

mmmm..I am fasting and I am in love with myself and all the colorful fresh alive food .

Annette Gerber says:

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