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LAY HO MA!! I absolutely love curries. They are an incredible comfort food with complex flavours, but actually easy to make. Join me in this episode and learn how to make an easy weeknight vegan chickpea curry. Let’s begin.

1/2 onion
2 pieces garlic
drizzle of olive oil
salt and pepper
2 tbsp garam masala
1 tsp turmeric
1 cup canned chickpeas
1 1/2 cups full fat coconut milk
handful of baby kale and arugula
couple sprigs cilantro
flatbread (optional) – https://youtu.be/P3fDwsH1MOg

1. Thinly slice the onion and finely chop the garlic
2. Add a drizzle of olive oil to a hot pan
3. Saute the onions and garlic in the pan for about 3-5min with some salt and pepper
4. Add the garam masala and turmeric
5. Add the chickpeas and coconut milk. Give it a stir
6. Add a handful of baby kale and arugula. Season with salt and give it a stir
7. Turn off the heat and taste. Add more salt if needed
8. Plate and garnish with some fresh cilantro. Serve with flatbread made in a previous episode!

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Hong Kong born Canadian, Wil Yeung is an international photographer, filmmaker, entrepreneur, violinist, and YouTube chef. He immigrated to Canada when he was a young boy carrying with him his ability to speak Cantonese and some broken English. Much of his culinary aspirations stem from his background in the visual and musical art spaces. Whether you’re plant based or plant based curious, Wil believes that learning how to make food can really change your life and of those around you.


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Yeung Man Cooking says:

LAY HO MA everyone!! This is curry in a hurry – plus remember to watch the previous episode on how to make easy flatbread https://youtu.be/P3fDwsH1MOg

Positive vibes only Tv says:

Love the recipe straight to the point!!

Karl says:

Traditional Indian curries would include ginger along with the garlic crushed together into a paste. Also, there would definitely be chillies, or at least chilli powder, I missed it entirely here. And a pro health tip when using turmeric is to include cracked black pepper to boost the bioavailability of the curcumin in the turmeric which would otherswise be flushed out by the kidneys in the digestive system.

catprincess9 says:

As an Indian, we do not use so much Garam Masala. We sprinkle a little bit towards the end of the cooking.

M. Larkin says:

Can I use coconut cream or do You think coconut milk is best?

Vegan Earthling says:

Hurry Curry for COVID Times!👍💚😊

Sarah Chandler says:

I made this for dinner today, and also drop one cube of vegetable stock and 1/2 tsp chili powder for strong flavour thanks~

Marilyn Maxim says:

Fourth recipe – another hit! You’re batting 1000! I had a little trouble getting the flatbread thin enough. Any tips? How much is a “drizzle” of olive oil for your flatbread recipe? I think I may have been a bit low on that ingredient.

Marilyn Maxim says:

How does your cookware always look like it’s never been used? 😂 But seriously, what do you use to clean your pots?

Dian ARIANI says:

Very inspiring 😍 Thank you 🙏🏻🌹😇

Dillair Shaikh says:

Dude, I absolutely love you and your recipes but I did cringe, there are several things you should have done differently. If you're ever in the UK I will make you a nice curry! 🙂

Laura says:

What a great channel you have!!!

Solomon TheTruth says:

Any recommendations for a substitute to coconut milk? I've found it too strong for my liking when I've used it in the past although it is still an incredible ingredient.

Ruocca says:

I made this the other day and it was delicious thanks for the recipe 💕

Fran Skipper says:

You are my dream vegan chef!

internetultrageek says:

Nice recipe. Isn’t chickpea curry already vegan by default? Neither my mother nor I have ever put in butter/ ghee – even before I went vegetarian and she went vegan

Suman Pandey says:

Yummy 😋, love this take on chickpea curry.

The Discount Vegan says:

As always!….YUMM. I need to restock on garam masala actually.

DreamingTata VeganMama says:

Indian food is a cuisine I’ve come to appreciate after going vegan. It is so flavorful and rich. It’s the best way to eat beans and vegetables 🙂

D K says:

TFS I was with you Will until you added ‘soapsuds’ to the top….aka cilantro 🤢🤢🤭I’ll just add some parsley tyvm…😂💀😂🤣💀

Francie says:

THAT is the "Dream Dinner" for me, too!! I love LOVE curried chickpeas and veggies!! And the spicier the better!!

E G says:

Recipe looks scrumptious. Need to get some garam masala. Is this spicy hot type of seasoning? Look easy to make and shall go well with your easy to make flat bread recipe. Thanks again for always excellent recipes.🙏

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