We Tried To Make The Ultimate Vegan Ice Cream: Behind Tasty

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Try the recipe: https://tasty.co/recipe/the-best-vegan-vanilla-ice-cream

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Ben Van Leeuwen


agenttheater5 says:

Vegan is on the rise! I've got a machine where you just put frozen fruit into it and then comes out as ice cream with no extra ingredients.

Harley Sikes says:

Why is it so dark? Lol

Shoshin W says:

Would it work without the ice cream machine?

Jorge Tanilon says:

I hope she ventures out porn. She's really pretty.

Vanessa Benefico says:

Vanilla is the most boring flavor though.

op Soyyy says:

Lol the guy just said MMMM to his own icecream

Bonny Chavarria says:

she looks like that girl from that one David Dobrik video, the girl that appears for like 5 second and is in a car

Grace Blum says:

Please make a video over Irish nachos

Vegan Ariel says:

great video. i do lots of vegan recipes on my channel.

L Lawliet says:

I wonder why they didn't just look up a recipe XD

Claire Vlogs says:

sooo what happened to your dm to ben

Millie Johnson says:

Why does she remind me of cristine and safiya mixed together 😂 💿 x

Afnan Bantwal says:

we need more MERLE!!

cory clemmings says:

Camera man, my mind narrator! 😂😂😂😂😂

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