We Tried to Find Vegan Options At Popular Restaurant Chains

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Two vegans go to Panera Bread, The Cheesecake Factory, and P.F. Chang’s. Will they be able to find delicious vegan options at each of these popular restaurants?

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Courtney Hall says:

I LOVED this so much.

Ahsan Ash says:

Tequila is vegan


Poison Ivy says:

That black lady was so cringe

Blumpking says:

Your body is starving

Rotten 5 says:

Do yourself a favor. Go to PetSmart and buy a bag of bird feed for yourself, you fools.

Aaliyah Johnson says:

She’s like the special aunt I wish I had🤣

Lilianna B says:

The white girl looks like the female version of Joaquin Phoenix

tazzdageek king says:

Tabithas energy and beauty is captivating. I love her!

it's me CL says:

I don't care where you go lol, love me some Tab! #verygood

Blanquita20 says:

Who else loved the waiter from the Cheesecake Factory?

amber simpkins says:

I love this video!!!! And your friend is so cute!!!! Y’all should definitely do more videos together I love the vibe y’all have…

Orestis Kara says:

Go vegan 🙂

Julianne Malene says:


Celeste Ramirez says:

Please go to apple bees and and Denny’s y can’t find good food there it’s hard😭

raquel cervantes says:

Take note establishments who still refuse to put out vegan options! Offer vegan options and vegans will come and get you some free advertisement. 🙂 Happy vegans=better business 🙂

Stephanie Olivarez says:

these waiters feel so scripted lmaooo

Cute panda says:

Who puts sour cream In Their guacamole?

Christoffer Dodson-Skinkis says:

Thank god for videos like this!! It is so hard to go out. We have allergies too.

Hannah Cook says:

Ahh so nice to actually see a vegan involved in these videos and not some sensationalist carnivore who orders a salad and complains about it because it doesn’t have bacon in it. All those other videos I watch and am screaming at the screen ‘YOU DONT NEED TO EAT THAT BORING FOOD, THATS NOT WHAT WE EAT!’

Mo Cee says:

Bread is vegan?

Rebecca E. Webber says:

A whole new meaning to "blended family".

Jess Sutton says:

Make this a series! Do some fast food places too, and maybe places like steakhouses

Elizabeth Sanchez says:

Cheesecake Factory has vegan cheese?!!!

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