Very Easy Vegan Broccoli Soup

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Today I will show you How to Make Easy Vegan Broccoli Soup. It is very easy because I cut all ingredients small and cook together, then blend it. You can eat hot for the winter, cold for summertime. It is very good way to take fibers and it is very tasty! If you master this technique, you can try some other ingredients like zucchini or corn.

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Luticia says:

Can I also use rice milk? I'm getting sick whenever I eat soy products.
But why do I have to use a kind of milk anyway? The soup doesn't get creamy because of useing soymilk or rice milk. For example, my rice milk does only have 6 % rice in it. Rest is water! So my soup just gets even more thiner. And not creamier.
I think, using cron starch will make my soup thicker than using vegan milk.

Luticia says:

Wow! This comes to a perfect time for me. Thank you very much. Going to try it out during the next days.

Cyndi Rae says:


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