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Katherine Maki says:

Add black beans and it's perfect.

lady bug says:

Rawvanna made this….

Larry Richelli says:

Wow, I bet those jalapenos are spicy hot!!

Lue Aranteed says:

Very good. Thank you.

Lori Favela says:

Thanks for these recipes…

Belia Macias says:

Hola,muchas gracias por todo tu lindo y rico trabajo. Gracias a tu ayuda, tu trabajo, estoy aprendiendo a cosinar mejor y saludable.

Picco bow says:


BB Jonas says:

OMG I love how quick and straight to the point!! So many others just blah blah blah… Thank you!!!

#number&a40oz says:

thats not tocos thats a salad !.. no walnut meat?¿

Mati mizfit says:

U can eat corn as raw food, that's a new one. Are they not super hard???

Lorraine Gooden says:

So glad I found your channel. Gonna try this

Sushil Adhikari says:

How about we add some kidney beans instead of sweet corn ?

Sushil Adhikari says:

Looks like it’s the healthiest tacos in the whole planet , appreciate it sharing

Shaliyah sha says:

freshware tomatoe cutter


Charlotte Cady says:

had this for lunch and i already feel a shift… can't wait to try more

linda m says:

Okay I made this last night idk where have you been,but RAW BOY YOU ROCK!!!!!

Jen la kamericaine says:

I love u for this transitioning to raw vegan for the month of February

A Robbins says:

the only raw vegan channel that actually makes the food look good!

Y&S FOOD! says:

Incredible video recording! Hereabouts at Y&S FOOD! we love to come across this form of content. We make Travel & Food videos too, around the world, and also we are constantly seeking inspirations as well as ideas. Thank You.

ivan lopez says:

Se me paro el pito…ayudaaa!

EduSpen says:

Corn no raw

Leann G says:

Can't wait to make this thanks for sharing!

Calysta calilove says:

Only person I seen squeeze avacado like I do the same way 😂

MiKayla Scott says:

I'm not vegan or vegetarian but this is my favorite recipe. Been watching for a year now & I do at least 1 vegan meal a day now.

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