Veggie Coconut Curry Soup – With Sweet Potatoes

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David Daniel Ducker says:

What's in the veggie stock ? Looks red? Tomato ? Will that effect the dish ?

Loke Lani says:

Looks yummy!

Lorrie says:

Does anyone know the link to the recipe? I can't find it.

FL Dream says:

How you’ve improved from 2013 till 2018 now.

Katie M says:

This is one of the tastiest soups I've ever had. Admittedly, I did use chicken stock since I didn't have vegetable at the time, along with some water and a chicken bullion. I also added mushrooms, celery, and sriracha sauce to give it a nice kick. I didn't start seriously cooking until just last year (when I found your youtube channel.) Thanks for helping me become somewhat of a proper adult guys!

ArtsApart says:

yeah but i bet your hands smell like feet ;-0…….great vid

Siren TheRocker says:

I went to taiwanese testeraunt yesterday and loved this dish. It had no potatoes it had cabbage and broccoli. Im about to go to whole foods buy veg for my own version but keeping the base of coconut curry ginger garlic. It was so smooth and creamy. I love that its perfect for my alkaline vegan lifestyle.

Christy Louis says:

Where's the fucking recipe?????! Y'all could've at least typed it down for us so I can have all the ingredients presented at once!

Elizabeth Shaw says:

I love being vegan because I can boil and freeze everything and nothing will break. Woohoo!

SYF_Gaming says:

I purée everything and add coconut milk at the end reduce low heat 10 min

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