Vegetable Paella

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This video is about Vegetable Paella, plant based. no oil, salt or sugar.
Recipe to follow


Lee-Ann O'Connor says:

I have a couple of questions but i don't think they get answered, i couldn't see replies on the ones below. Is an instant pot the same as a slow cooker – i don't think so, I can't brown my onions in my slow i think this recipe would take longer for me, also what type of rice did you use – was it paella rice? I always thought that takes longer to cook than regular rice.

Vanessa Anderson says:

I love this, what kind of rice did you use?  Looks super yummy!

Lizardo99 4 Unicorn1 says:

have this written down for the slow pokes😉

Plantfriendly says:

Yummy! Where did you get your cute star?

J Harden says:

Thank you so much, I love paella! Looking forward to the recipe. Ro, do you have a website where I can find your recipes and tips?

katier8 says:

Another great recipe Ro! Keep them coming! 🙂

Joanne Davenport says:

Sounds good I want to try it

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