Vegetable Biryani

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sara haq says:

looks yum like all your recipes. if we use fresh vegetables how to cook them. pls tell more tea snacks and kids lunch box items. Allah bless you & family. ameen

Hina Suleman says:

were the vegetables already cooked?

Hina Suleman says:

is there police at your house?

Muhammad Mujtaba says:

salam! gori anti today i try ur recipe vege brayni waoo the taste was so delicious nd thnx for sahring this yummy brayani🤗

prafulla aarons says:

awsome pls give sabji receips like gavar

Linda tube says:

what basmati rice are you using aunty ji.

huda rehman says:

Ji Shukriya response kay liey. InshaAllah, will make soon

huda rehman says:

Salaam! When you mention 30 percent boil rice do I take rice out as soon as it starts boiling or cook rice few minutes then take out for dum. Please let me know

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