Vegan Vs. Meat Eater: We Try Vegan Ramen

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Which ramen tastes better?

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EveryThingTV says:

People who are commenting hate comments you think you guys are sooo special and just hating you guys are annoying not them actually think because most of you are offensive and stop because you guys are rude af so stop it no one likes it and I don’t like YOU! Be respectful!

Alexandra Medina says:

I think I’ve been watching the ramen ones just because I want ramen right now

I don't f*ck#n know says:

Please please please dont feature that girl on the left anymore. She is so annoying. The video is interesting but that girl, NAHH!! VERY ANNOYING!!

1966Zodiac says:

This vegan ramen is awesome!
I’ve tried it before!

I hate how that girl can’t shut up about pork though!


A W says:

I was SO unhealthy when I was vegan. I had a ton of vitamin deficiencies, my skin and hair were horrible, and I developed ketoacidosis because I didn't give my body enough nutrients or glucose. Note how dull the vegan girl's hair is compared to the girl who eats meat whose hair is shiny. Sure, you can take supplements to replace what you don't get from meat, but not every vegan takes care of their health or understands nutrition.

Marvin Tran says:

Seriously, I am annoyed that the girl on the right won’t shut up about her pork.

You want pork!!!
Here’s a knife go kill that pig yourself.

Then talk to me or else just enjoy the vegan ramen.


There’s so many great options you can get that you don’t have to kill for!!

King Nobody says:

Fake eggs? Fake meat? Just don't eat ramen, hipster.

Basic Dva says:

The left girl is..well ya laready know….but i hope she doesnt get bullied and stuff, kinda feel bad for her atm

Brendan Witii says:

Lol she does not like the vegan girl👀👀

Natalie Kendel says:

I'm a vegan. But this vegan was annoying as hell!!!!!!!

Basic Dva says:

if the left girl thinks her behaviour is "cute" she gotta stop right now

mini poncho says:

Vegans are horrible… Exhibt A- this chick. Not fun, just really annoying and rude. Please don't bring her back as a guest. Thumbs down for sure

Brent Nicol says:

Vegan's don't eat eggs, she's lying!

ᗩesthetic says:

The girl on the left is so cute! 😂😭😂 a Lil too messy and might be mistaken as rude but she is just fun and genuine 💖💖💖

the only one samiyah says:

Do a video with all of your friends

unknown says:

U know damn will dat girl like meats is annoyed by dat girl

RadPax says:

ramen has other things than just pork.. sometimes no meat, chicken, beef, ect.
ramen doesn't need to be "Fatty"
most delicious ramens i eat have almost no fat and are very delicious and… idk. don't leave me feeling greasy and weighed down.
this video is wild… not a huge fan.
that girl is too intense on her pork. and i'm saying this as someone who enjoys meat myself.
but wowie chill

c.e.c.e says:

worst review ever…

The Tears of Jungkook says:

The girl on the left really annoys me

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