Vegan Taco Night: Oil-Free Crispy Baked Taco Shell Recipe & Topping Ideas

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Who doesn’t love a good taco bar? You might think this is something you would have to give up when switching to a whole food, plant-based diet – but that is definitely not the case! We love baking up our own crispy oil-free taco shells at home and loading them up with all kinds of delicious vegan toppings.

Spicy Refried Pinto Bean Recipe:

Vegan Stuffed Pepper Recipe (for filling mix):

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Check out our friend Martin The Great Potato Mage on YouTube: He started his diet with plain potatoes and has switched to a mostly whole food, plant-based diet as well. He posts daily vlog updates and is an all-around great guy. 🙂

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Krocks In The Kitchen says:

Read our blog post for more:

Spicy Refried Pinto Bean Recipe:

Vegan Stuffed Pepper Recipe (for filling mix):
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David C. says:

You basically made a folded tostada, not a taco. It's easier if you just heat the tortilla in a flat iron and keep them soft.

Sidilicious says:

Looks utterly delicious!🌮🌮🌮

Linda Sanger says:

just make tostadoes if you are not going to eat it like a regular taco

Melba Smith says:

Darling in the south, do not think we can get what you think. We also do not have traders go. Finding the shells have been hard.when I do I will cook them like you did.

Charmaine Martinez says:

Fun and looks yummy!

Mayra Velez says:

Great video!

Margaret Luna says:

I use the oil free baked corn tortillas available at my grocery. The tortillas are flat, not f2f folded and easier to feat.

Grace La Rock says:

Yum! Good job guys. 🌮I have introduced my German husband to Mexican food, and he loooooves it. Corn Flor Tortillas are very difficult to find here. But I have my ways 💖

FrancieSue says:

Oh yummy! I’m making this next!

Mary says:

Hey you two, I don't know where you found the strength and will power to continue this new lifestyle. I see you and others successfully changing your diet and losing weight and then there's me who decided to quit soda two weeks ago and did pretty well except a couple of cheat days that I allowed myself because I couldn't stop thinking about it (soda). Two days ago I had a cheat day….and then the next day I caved into the craving, now I caved again today. I feel like I've failed this no soda goal and that I'm never going to be able to quit. It is such an addiction! I've been crying and feeling hopeless all day. Sorry, just needed to talk about it. My husband doesn't understand why I even want to quit.

Birdie Bug says:

Question;. Where Are the dogs???

Royalle Wilson says:

I feel like your always making Jessica. Kind of off putting with all your added letterings you put in.

Tamara Boice says:

Now I’m craving a taco salad!

JustJanetAshley says:

Actually I draped the tortillas on the rack before turning on the oven and they came out great. Jessica if you did this you could quit worrying about burning yourself (and others). I also opted for the two bars so that I could get more filling in.

SoniaLynn Station says:

Taco salad? Would this work?

Life with Casey says:

I’m transitioning to plant based now and I can’t wait to try these tacos 🌮 thank you both so much for all that you do!

Joanne Vargas says:

Thank you for your great recipes and great ideas for baking the taco shells! You guys are the best! In the past I have put the tortilla shells in the oven first and then turned it on. No burny burny the the fingers!

Dinnie Beattie says:

Thanjs for all your work and effort..appreciated.

Alabama Chick says:

Watching this while eating potatoes pretending i am eating these tacos.

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