Vegan Sweet Potato Rainbow Salad

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Need a scrumptious dish to feed the vegans at your holiday table this year? Our vegan roasted sweet potato rainbow salad with lime crema, inspired by Budget Bytes, is so good even the meat-lovers will dig in.

Featuring chunks of spicy roasted sweet potatoes, chili-spiked blackened corn, black beans, red bell pepper, onion, fresh cilantro, and a dairy-free lime-kissed sour cream, this salad boasts vibrant colors and an unexpected side-by-side arrangement of ingredients that will instantly grab the attention of your dinner guests. Get ready for the dinner table conversations to stop and turn into hungry requests to get the first helping of this gorgeous side dish.

This vegan-friendly salad may look complicated with its rainbow array of ingredients, but it is remarkably easy to make. Simply toss the sweet potatoes in oil and spices, then roast until tender. Make the lime crema by whisking together vegan sour cream, lime, garlic, and salt. Next, saute corn kernels in coconut oil and minced serrano chili pepper until deliciously blistered and browned. All you have to do now is assemble the salad. In a large, wide bowl, arrange each of the vegetables side by side so each one shows off its vibrant color. Spoon half the lime crema in the center, and bring this salad to the table with additional lime crema on the side. Your vegan and non-vegan guests will love it!

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