Vegan Sushi Roll Recipe – Amazing Vegan Food Recipe

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Vegan sushi roll recipe – amazing vegan food recipe
The vegan sushi roll is an amazing vegetarian sushi roll recipe; this recipe brings out the best possible taste out of all the different types of vegetables used in this delicious recipe. You don’t have to be an expert sushi chef in order to make this sushi roll, and if you follow the very easy to follow steps in the video recipe you will end up with the most amazing food sushi-roll ever.

–Black rice link:
— real wasabi link:


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filmed on a Canon EOS M , and edited on Adobe Premier.
Music creative commons : Ishikari Lore by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a CC Attribution 3.0.
Produced by Chef: Davy Devaux

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Meifani Sumadijaya says:

very good recipe and advice Chef, thank you for sharing!

samira stouli says:

hey how did u cook the black rice to be sticky for the sushi?

st marine says:

aren't you afraid of eating bits of plastic

林柏誠 says:

These sushi looks so yummy!!
how to make these sushi sauce?

Siliance Gaming says:

6:24 really looks like dog shit on top 😉

Princess Serenity says:

Where do we find that kinda rice ???

Shaojin says:

That does not look pretty but probably taste yummy and healthy

Your Best Self UAE says:

Great channel! Keep up the good vibes 🙂

Penny Wilson says:

Why use coconut oil and black rice? Just because we're vegan doesn't mean we are healthy

sasha says:

very good and easy much thanks <3

HiM says:

Could the roll be formed without the white rice?

MysticSeraph says:

Very handy recipe, and will try it soon. My question, though: your avocado didn't brown at all. Did you use any lemon/lime juice (or something else?) to assist with preventing it browning? Or is this one of those "make-it-now-eat-it-now" recipes? Thank you! 🙂

Goofey ButReal says:

This looks delicious. Thanks so much for posting!

Snezhana Fiuortt says:

It looks so damn gooood!!!!

Edie The Salsa FREAK!! says:

Who. Are you? What is your name?

Jenny Ho says:


Nofretari says:

vegan all the way

siddharth b says:

This guy isn't better than many Japanese Japanese chefs.

Tohar Larea says:

Thank you so much!

Jim Willis says:

thanks for captions for the deaf

psyltobilly says:

how concrete you make the black & White Sushi Rice? together or both seperate?

Francesca Lucía Blanco Salvadore says:

I learned how to make sushi thansks to you, and now that I´m vegan, I´m looking forward to make this one!

Ammie Carlson says:

What nori sheets do you use. I'm vegan and tried to make veg sushi rolls, the nori wraps I used tasted like fish. You make some amazing things, thanks for sharing your talents.

naayenaaye says:

What did u do with a garlics?

Giang Nguyen says:

As a sushi chef you have a great amount of stupid moves in how to roll sushi. To be honest those high quality knives are wasted on your ignorant talent. Go back home and learn how to make sushi before teaching people how to do it

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