Vegan Stuffed Mushrooms | Kick'n Chick'n Sliders | Pizza Pastries Recipes

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Looking for vegan game day recipes? Got a party to go to and want to bring something to amaze your omnivore fans? I got you covered. Learn how I make some bangin’ stuffed mushrooms, chicken sliders, and pizza pastries that remind me of upscale pizza bites!

What other snacks do you want to see me veganize? Leave a comment down below!

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Razz Creme’ says:

I’m annoying on the comment sections, bUt I caN’T HeLp iT you’re too good!
sees pizza pastries, chicken sliders, etc.

Simpli Beauti says:

Wings and pizza are must haves for my family on game days.

Tammy Elaine says:

Great video. I've been vegan for about 6 months now and I've started a YouTube channel documenting my journey and sharing vegan recipes that I'm discovering and trying out. Thanks for sharing 😊🌱

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